The Masterplan (song)

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This article is about the Oasis song. For other songs of a similar name, see Master plan.
"The Masterplan"
B-side to "Wonderwall" by Oasis
Released 30 October 1995
Recorded May 1995, at Rockfield Studios, (South Wales)
Genre Britpop, baroque pop
Length 5:23
Label Creation
Writer(s) Noel Gallagher
Producer(s) Owen Morris, Noel Gallagher
The Masterplan track listing
"The Masterplan"

"The Masterplan" is a song by English rock band Oasis. It was written by lead guitarist Noel Gallagher.

The song was first released as a B-side to the CD version of their hit single "Wonderwall" in October 1995. "The Masterplan" was also released with the Stop the Clocks EP in November 2006. It also shares the name with the 1998 B-side compilation album, The Masterplan, on which it is featured as the last track.

Noel Gallagher has regularly declared "The Masterplan" as one of the best songs he has ever written. However, he regrets the fact that it was first released as a mere B-side, admitting he was "young and stupid", when he made that decision. He also claims that Creation Records boss, Alan McGee, upon hearing the song, told Noel it was "too good" to be a B-side. Noel reportedly replied, "Well, I don't write shit songs!"[1]

"The Masterplan" is sung by Noel, and features all band members except lead vocalist Liam Gallagher, in addition to an orchestra. The song also features a backwards guitar solo after the first chorus. Approximately 30 seconds from the end of the song, Noel can be heard (distortedly) singing the chorus from "Octopus's Garden" by The Beatles.

"The Masterplan" was generally well received on iTunes with around 700-800 downloads on the release date of Stop the Clocks.

The song is included in Oasis' compilation album, Stop the Clocks. A special L. S. Lowry-inspired animated promotional video, complete with a swaggering Liam, was created to promote the album. In the video, the band walk past Johnny Roadhouse music, a music shop from which the Gallagher brothers regularly bought equipment from at the beginning of their career. It also features on the soundtrack to the Spanish film La Mujer Más Fea del Mundo as well as appearing in an episode of CSI: Miami.

The song was performed at the MTV Unplugged concert in August 1996.

Track listing[edit]

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A promotional CD was given away with the The Masterplan compilation:

  • CD (Promo)HES 4897 Germany[2]
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