The Mate of the Sally Ann

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The Mate of the Sally Ann
The Mate of the Sally Ann (1917) - 1.jpg
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Directed by Henry King
Written by Elizabeth Mahoney (scenario)
Story by Henry Albert Phillips
Starring Mary Miles Minter
Cinematography John F. Seitz
Distributed by Mutual Film
Release date
  • November 26, 1917 (1917-11-26) (United States)
Running time
50 mins.
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

The Mate of the Sally Ann (also known as Peggy Rebels)[1] is a 1917 American silent comedy drama film directed by Henry King.


Captain Ward is an old man living in a ship with his granddaughter Sally. Sally's mother died when Sally was born and never revealed the identity of her father. That is why Ward is overprotective of Sally, and he prays each day for the chance to slay the man who ruined his daughter and left a grandchild without a name. One day, Sally finds a three legged dog and sneaks him into the ship. He runs away, however, and Sally follows him to the mansion of Judge Gordon. There she meets Hugh Schuyler, the young friend of the judge. They fall in love, but Ward chases him away. The judge is struck by how much Sally looks like the woman to whom he was once married. When the judge visits the captain, he tells him he doubts he is Sally's father. Ward becomes angry and tries to kill him and Sally, interfering, is struck by a blow and knocked unconscious. When she awakes, Sally finds out that Judge Gordon is actually her father, having been secretly married to her mother. She accepts a marriage proposal from Hugh and elopes with him as they happily sail away along with the captain and judge.[2][3]



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