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The Math Book (Sterling Publishing, 2009. ISBN 978-1-4027-5796-9) is a book by American author Clifford A. Pickover.


The book contains 250 one-page articles on milestones in the history of math. Each article is followed by a related full-page color image.


Pickover states, “The Latin translation [of Al-Khuwarizmi's Algebra] introduced the decimal positional number system to Europe” (84). Later, Pickover writes that Fibonacci's Liber Abaci "introduced the Hindu-Arabic numerals and decimal system to Western Europe" (100).


The book has consistently received good reviews.[1][2]

The book has been praised by Martin Gardner.[3]

The book is the winner of the Von Neumann Prize.[4]

The book has been praised by Boing Boing.[5]


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