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The Matrix Comics is a collection of short comic book stories set in the fictional universe of the Matrix series, originally released as webcomics on the series' official website from 1999 to 2004. Most of the stories were published in two volumes (printed in 2003 and 2004 respectively) by the The Wachowskis' company Burlyman Entertainment, along with three never released online. The comics' editor was Spencer Lamm. The Wachowskis, the creators of the Matrix series, contributed one script to the project, "Bits and Pieces of Information", aspects of which were later included in the Animatrix short animated film "The Second Renaissance".


Title Writers Artists Volume Comments
Series 1
Series 1 pin-ups by Vince Evans, Geof Darrow, Aron Weisenfeld and Michael Kaluta
"Goliath" Neil Gaiman Bill Sienkiewicz, Gregory Ruth 1 A short story; illustrations were added at a later date.[1]
"System Freeze" Poppy Z. Brite Dave Dorman 2 Short story; new illustrations were added when it was included in volume 2.[2]
"The Man Who Knew Too Much" W. Wilbur W. Removed from the website.
"Sweating the Small Stuff" Bill Sienkiewicz 1 Spencer Lamm is credited under plot in the comic strip but not in the Volume 1 contents page.
"Déjà Vu" Paul Chadwick 2 Originally printed to coincide with the release of The Matrix as a promo comic.[3]
"Morning Sickness" John Gaeta, Grant Niesner, Thomas Proctor, Brett Hartshorn, Dan Rosen, Noah Mizrahi, Sean White & Jamie Pilgrim Created by staff of visual effects house Manex Visual Effects which worked on The Matrix.
"Bits and Pieces of Information" Lana & Andy Wachowski Geof Darrow 1 Written as the first of a four part story,[4] aspects of this story were later incorporated into The Animatrix short film "The Second Renaissance". Artist Geof Darrow worked as a concept artist on all three Matrix films.
"Wrong Number" Vince Evans 2 Vince Evans only credited for "Art" in the comic strip, but for "Plot & Art" in the Volume 2 contents page.
"Farewell Performance" Jim Krueger Tim Sale 2
"A Life Less Empty" Ted McKeever 1
Series 2
Series 2 pin-ups by Peter Bagge, Paul Chadwick, John Van Fleet, Keron Grant, Ted McKeever and Tommy Lee Edwards
"An Asset to the System" Troy Nixey 2
"A Path Among Stones" Gregory Ruth 2
"There Are No Flowers in the Real World" David Lapham 1 Parts 1 & 2. Also released with Stray Bullets #2 for Free Comic Book Day in 2002 by El Capitan Books.
"Broadcast Depth" Bill Sienkiewicz 2 Included a hidden QuickTime movie.
"Butterfly" Dave Gibbons 1
"Day In... Day Out" Ted McKeever & Keron Grant Keron Grant Story by Ted McKeever, script by Keron Grant.
"Burning Hope" John Van Fleet 1
"The King of Never Return" Ted McKeever 2
"An Easy One" Tommy Lee Edwards Lettering by John Workman.
"Let It All Fall Down" Paul Chadwick
"Get It?" Peter Bagge 1
"Run, Saga, Run" Keron Grant 2 Inks by Rob Stull.
Series 3
Series 3 pin-ups by Greg Ruth, Troy Nixey and Kaare Andrews
"The Miller's Tale" Paul Chadwick 1 Released as a limited edition single story comic, given away at the 2003 San Diego Comic Con and for pre-orders of the first printed volume.
"Return of the Prodigal Son" Gregory Ruth Parts 1 & 2.
"A Sword of a Different Color" Troy Nixey 1
"Hunters and Collectors" Gregory Ruth 1
"Artistic Freedom" Ryder Windham Kilian Plunkett 1

In addition, a pin-up of the Woman in the Red Dress by Stuart Immonen was made for the website,[5] and three comics which did not appear online were only available in The Matrix Comics: Volume 2:

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Who Says You Can't Get Good Help These Days?" Peter Bagge
"Saviors" Spencer Lamm Michael Oeming
"I Kant" Kaare Andrews Illustrations are used for the front cover of Volume 2 and the back covers of both volumes.

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