McCarver Neighborhood, Tacoma, Washington

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The McCarver Neighborhood is located in Tacoma, Washington. It is an urban neighborhood located in the Downtown and the Hilltop area of Tacoma.


The neighborhood is named after McCarver Elementary School, which was the first magnet school in the nation.[1]

The neighborhood's boundaries are South 19th Street to the north, Center Street to the south, Tacoma Ave. to the east, and South L Street to the west.

The McCarver Neighborhood was once a center of blight but in recent years has gentrified with new condominium & townhome developments along with condominium conversions from apartments.

The neighborhood's central street is maple tree lined Yakima Avenue that run north and south through the neighborhood.

There are no major employers in the McCarver neighborhood borders but just outside are St. Joseph Medical Center (Tacoma, Washington). and the University of Washington - Tacoma Campus.


  1. ^ "Magnet schools: no longer famous but still intact". Education Next. 2005-03-22. The year was 1968... That fall, McCarver Elementary in Tacoma, Washington, hung out its shingle inviting students from anywhere in the city to enroll, breaking the link between school assignments and residential location and becoming the nation's first "magnet" school.

Coordinates: 47°14′30″N 122°26′49″W / 47.24167°N 122.44694°W / 47.24167; -122.44694