The McDades

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The McDades
Shannon Johnson of the McDades
Background information
Genres Roots, Folk
Years active 2000-present
Members Shannon Johnson, Solon McDade, Jeremiah McDade

The McDades are a Canadian band made up of siblings Shannon Johnson (Violin and Vocals), Solon McDade (Bass and Vocals), Jeremiah McDade (Multi-instrumentalist and Vocals) and their musical friends.

The McDades' musical style is a unique blend of influences that combine the rich cultural experiences they had growing up in Edmonton, Alberta. The three siblings grew up performing a type of Canadiana or (roots) music with their parents, Terry McDade and Danielle McDade in The McDade Family Band from 1974 until 1994. As The McDade Family Band the siblings had the chance to perform at such venues as the Canadian National Exhibition, Vancouver Expo 86, The Commonwealth Games and multiple performances for members of British Royal Family. During this time Shannon, Solon, and Jeremiah were exposed to the variety of musical genres that are available in Canada and quickly began to experiment with these sounds.

In 2000 the siblings began to work together on their new group, The McDades. The trio, along with their band, strive to maintain an open and adventurous attitude to their music. They have performed and recorded with a variety of musicians from around the world including a tabla player from India, a santoor player from Iran and a number of players from the Canadian province of Quebec. Along with their own projects, The McDades have also been asked to record with a number of prominent Canadian artists such as Bill Bourne, Maria Dunn and David Wilkie.

2012 saw the release of a feature-length documentary on the three siblings entitled The McDades - Brother Brother Sister Making Music. Produced by Yvonne Dubourdieu of Arthouse Productions and Ray Harper of NetworkOne Productions the film follows the band on tour in Canada and Europe.


With Terry McDade

  • Winter Rose - Free Radio Records 2011
  • Noel - Free Radio Records 2004
  • Midwinter - Free Radio Records 2003
  • Harpe Danse - Free Radio Records 1998

With Maria Dunn

  • Maria Dunn - From where I stand
  • Maria Dunn - For a Song (Juno Award Nominated)
  • Maria Dunn - We Were Good People
  • Maria Dunn - The Peddler




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