The Measure of the Magic

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The Measure of the Magic is a fantasy novel by Terry Brooks released on August 23, 2011 as the second of the two part Legends of Shannara series. Set after Bearers of the Black Staff and before First King of Shannara,[1] the novel chronicles the adventures of Panterra Qu, a Tracker entrusted with the Black Staff after the death of Sider Ament during Bearers of the Black Staff.[2]

Website Summary[edit]

Five centuries ago, a catastrophic demon war left the world in ruins. Since then, the survivors – humans, elves and other mutants – have found sanctuary in a mountain valley protected by magic. But now these protective wards have failed, and a ruthless troll army is on the brink of invasion.[copyright violation?]

Sider Ament was the survivors’ only hope for salvation. He was bearer of the last remaining black staff – a powerful talisman passed down through the centuries by the Knights of the Word – and the key to keeping the magic of the world in balance. But now Sider is dead and possibly with him the future he swore to preserve. [copyright violation?]

To stave off annihilation, the staff’s magic must be preserved. Panterra Qu, a young Tracker gifted with the staff at Sider’s death, struggles to control its power. And great sacrifices must be made – for all will pay a price if the war between the Word and the Void tips towards darkness.[3]


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