The Mechanik

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The Mechanik
The Mechanik DVD cover
Directed byDolph Lundgren
Produced byAnton Hoeger
Written byDolph Lundgren
Bryan Edward Hill
StarringDolph Lundgren
Ben Cross
Ivan Petrushinov
Olivia Lee
Raicho Vasilev
Music byElia Cmiral
CinematographyRoss W. Clarkson
Edited byJoe Plenys
Release date
  • October 3, 2005 (2005-10-03)
Running time
94 minutes
United States

The Mechanik (released as The Russian Specialist in the United States) is a 2005 German-American action film directed and co-written (with Bryan Edward Hill) by, as well as starring, Dolph Lundgren. The movie co-stars Ben Cross.


Retired Russian Special Forces soldier Nikolai "Nick" Cherenko (Dolph Lundgren) is a simple man trying to live a simple life in his small Russian town. He has a pretty wife named Alina (Hilda van der Meulen), a son named Vanya (Naum Shopov), and a successful profession as an automobile mechanic. But one day, Russian mob boss Aleksandr Sasha Popov (Ivan Petrushinov) and his gang come to town.

Caught in the crossfire is Nick's family. When the smoke clears, Alina and Vanya lie dead in the streets. Nick arms himself and tracks down Sasha and his gang, cornering them in a drug deal and laying waste.

Years later, Nick emigrates to the U.S. and takes a job as a car mechanic in Los Angeles. And then wealthy Mary Abramoff (Levana Finkelstein) tracks him down. She pleads with him to go to Russia and retrieve her daughter Julia (Olivia Lee), who has been kidnapped and forced into the sex trade.

Mary knows Nick's past and, though he is initially reluctant, when she shows him a picture of the kidnapper, he changes his mind: it is Sasha Popov, somehow alive after Nick shot him in the face years ago.

Nick takes the next plane to St. Petersburg, Russia, and he joins up with a band of mercenaries led by British mercenary William Burton (Ben Cross). Their mission is clear: free Julia from Sasha, and mow down anyone who stands in their way.


  • Dolph Lundgren as Nikolai "Nick" Cherenko
  • Ben Cross as William Burton
  • Ivan Petrushinov as Aleksandr "Sasha" Popov
  • Olivia Lee as Julia Abramoff
  • Raicho Vasilev as Achmed
  • Asen Blatechki as Yuri
  • Antony Argirov as Sergei
  • Valeri Yordanov as Alexi
  • Dejan Angelov as Pavel
  • Ivaylo Geraskov as Leo
  • Hilda Van Der Meulen as Alina Cherenko
  • Naum Shopov as Vanya Cherenko
  • Atanas Srebrev as John Ridley
  • Levana Finkelstein as Mary Abramoff
  • Nikolai Sotirov as Victor Chertoff
  • Emil Markov as Misha
  • Marianna Stanisheva as Alla
  • Teodor Yordanov as Vladimir
  • Alexander Tsitkilov as Pushkin
  • Anastasiya Panayotova as Hooker
  • Barry Evans as Barry
  • Rushi Vidinliev as Taxi Driver
  • Maria Ilieva as Natalya
  • Nickolay Hadjiminev as Garage Boss
  • Nikolay Georgiev as Thug
  • Youanna Boukovska as Counter Girl
  • Stefan Ivanov as Doorman 1
  • Chavdar Simeonov as Doorman 2
  • Veneta Harizanova as Cocaine Girlfriend
  • Slavi Slavov as Nevski
  • Kiril Efremov as Man 1
  • Stefan Shterev as Man 2
  • Valentin Burski as German Man 1
  • Velizar Binev as German Man 2
  • Diyan Machev as Dimitri
  • Andrey Slabakov as Gypsy Father
  • Asen Mutafchiev as Luda (Child)
  • Victor Boichev as Doctor
  • Monika Ivanova as Masha (Child)
  • Nikoleta Stoicheva as Luva (Child)
  • Stanimir Stamatov as Thug # 4