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The Media Merchants logo, as seen on Series 10 and 11 of Art Attack

The Media Merchants Television Company ltd. (also known as The Media Merchants Production or simply The Media Merchants) was an independent television production company specialising in children's programmes, run by Neil Buchanan and Tim Edmunds.


When TVS lost its ITV franchise, Neil Buchanan and Tim Edmunds purchased the rights to the programme Art Attack - both Neil and Tim had created the idea for the show while working on children's programming for TVS and formed a limited company in order to become a major player in children's television. The Media Merchants was based at The Maidstone Studios, coming from Vinters Park in Maidstone, Kent (the studio facilities for Art Attack and many of the company's other productions).

The Media Merchants and Television Support Services merged prior to a takeover by Britt Allcroft's Gullane Entertainment in 2000 which was, in turn taken over by HIT Entertainment. The company's offices were moved from its long-standing Maidstone facility to HIT's London headquarters.

The company was closed in 2007 following the axing of Art Attack and the decision by ITV plc to end commissioning of original children's programming. HIT have since sold the rights to Art Attack, whilst retaining the rights to all other Media Merchants' productions.