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The Media Project
Genre Politics, Journalism
Running time 25 minutes
Country United States
Home station WAMC
Starring Alan Chartock
Rex Smith
Ira Fusfeld
Creator(s) Alan Chartock
Exec. producer(s) Alan Chartock
Opening theme "Newspaper Men" (Pete Seeger)
Ending theme "Newspaper Men"
Podcast Feed

The Media Project is a weekly radio program that provides an inside look at media coverage of current events. Panelists on the discussion-based show include Times Union Editor Rex Smith, WAMC CEO Alan S. Chartock, Daily Freeman Publisher Ira Fusfeld.[1] The half-hour program is recorded at WAMC's studios in Albany, New York and distributed by National Productions. During the show, the panelists engage in spirited debate on timely media issues. Print, television, radio, and internet media are covered. In addition, mail from listeners is sometimes read and discussed. The theme song of The Media Project is "Newspapermen Meet Such Interesting People," composed by Vern Partlow and sung by Pete Seeger.

Produced and distributed by WAMC's National Productions, The Media Project airs on WAMC on Sunday at 6:00 PM and on Monday at 3:00 PM, and on several other stations throughout the United States.


Three panelists appear on each show. Chartock and Smith are on nearly every week, but Fusfeld can be heard on a rotational basis. Chartock served as host of the program in its early years, but that duty was eventually taken up by Smith.



A number of panelists have appeared on the show over the years. They include:


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