The Medicine Men

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For the 1929 film, see The Medicine Men (1929 film).
The Medicine Men
Also known as Beats By The Pound
Origin New Orleans, Louisiana
Genres Hip hop, Hip hop soul, Bounce music, Gangsta rap, Dirty Rap, Jazz rap, G-funk, Contemporary R&B
Instruments Vocals, Keyboard instrument, Synthesizer, Drum machine, Sequencer, Sampler, Personal computer, DAW, Pro Tools, Shaker (instrument), Turntables, Turntablism, Guitar, Harp, Piano, Drum kit, Drum, Djembe, Cornet
Years active 1995 - present
Labels No Limit Records/Priority Records/EMI Records
Tommy Boy/Warner Bros. Records
Asylum Records
Overdose Entertainment(KLC)/ Out The Box Xploitations, LLC(Mo B. Dick)/ FaceFunk (Craig B)/ Dellsong Music [R&M](Odell)
Associated acts Master P, Snoop Dogg, TRU (group), Mystikal, Fiend, Ludacris, T.I., Foxy Brown, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Busta Rhymes, B.G., Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey, Eightball and MJG, UGK, Montell Jordan, Mannie Fresh, Mack 10, Silkk the Shocker, KLC, Mo B. Dick, Fat 2sday, The Young Hoggs, Khali
Members KLC
Mo B. Dick
Craig B
Odell (AWOL)

The Medicine Men, formerly known as Beats by the Pound, is a Louisiana-based American music production team made up of four men.[1]

The group is composed of the former In-house super production team (KLC, Mo B. Dick, Craig B, Odell) for Master P's No Limit Records from 1995-1999, as well as some new artists, and was responsible for the production of the majority of the releases from No Limit Records during the days it was distributed by Priority Records,[2] which includes the production of songs by Master P, Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, Fiend, Mia X and 6 Shot.[2][3] The group is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since leaving No Limit Records, the group operates under the company Overdose Entertainment which produces artists Fat 2sday (Calicoe The Champ, Byou2ful, Nesby Phips), The Young Hoggs (Slim reaper & Bizz), Khali. Beats by the Pound transformed No Limit Records from a little-heard underground West Coast label into a Southern powerhouse that sold over 50 million units and was nominated Producers of the Year by the The Source magazine awards in 1999, and ranked #1 in The Source magazine Power 30 producers the same year. The group signed an artist–album deal with Tommy Boy Records in the late 1999. Two years later, the group released its first album, The Actual Meaning—performed by "6 Shot" and released by Street Level and, in 2006, two mixtapes called Overdose Entertainment & The Medicine Men present Live From The Infirmary Vol.1 and Calicoe the Champ, Ground Hog Day. Also have a new MP3 album coming soon called : Beats By The Pound presents The Medicine Men. All artists featured, will be confidential until a later date, it will not be an old No Limit Records reunion project.



KLC is the lead producer of Beats By The Pound aka The Medicine Men. He grew up in the Melpomene Projects, and then moved into a house on Parkway Avenue in Uptown New Orleans. Lawson's father was a saxophonist, which fueled his musical interest from childhood and he was nicknamed The Drum Major even before he joined the band at Green Middle School. He became attached to the cadences of a marching band's snare—the sound that would later influence his beats. He has stated that his one-year-old daughter, Crashan, was playing with his sound equipment one day and inadvertently helped him to develop the beat for his flagship track, "I'm Bout' It, Bout It". He made his rapping debut on Mia X's track "Mama's Family" from the album Unlady Like. His most notable tracks include "I'm Bout' It, Bout It remix" by Master P, "No Limit Soldiers", "Hoody Hoo" (by TRU (group)), "Make 'Em Say Uhh!" (by Master P), "Down 4 My Niggaz" (by Snoop Dogg featuring C-Murder and Magic (rapper)) and "Move Bitch" (by Ludacris featuring Mystikal and I-20). He is credited for producing hundred of songs for rap artists including Master P, Mystikal, Fiend, C-Murder, Bun B, Soulja Slim, T.I., David Banner, Ludacris, and Paul Wall. He currently produces music and also rhymes. He also owns a record label called Overdose Entertainment featuring artists : Fat 2sday (Calicoe the Champ, Byou2ful & Nesby Phips), The Young Hoggs (Slim Reaper & Bizz), and sometimes help from producers DJ Don Juan (Full Pack), Elvin Presley and Richard Weber.

Mo B. Dick[edit]

Mo B. Dick briefly used the pseudonym Ruhi Anubis Yazid & Raymond Poole to avoid challenges during a legal battle between Master P and No Limit Records regarding publishing rights.[4] He is known by his fans and colleagues as the beatsmith and hooksmith for No Limit Records and is co-founder of Beats by the Pound. He is also the cousin of the hip hop mogul and former No Limit CEO Master P. The former No Limit producer comes with the solo joints, preferring down-tempo R&B over gruff, Dirty South Gangsta jams. Tracks are slow and smooth, reveling in moody keyboard soliloquies and high-pitched crooning . He released his very first solo track was on the Critical Condition album CCwaterbound called "All This Dick" [1], second solo single was off I'm Bout It (Soundtrack) with a song called "That Thing Is On", third solo single from Various Artists - Mean Green called that "Tell Me When" and fourth solo single from 6 shot album The Actual Meaning called "Xxxtra Skin". He also sings the chorus on songs such as "I Miss My Homies", "Mr. Ice Cream Man", "Gangstafied" and "Pop Goes My 9". He has new solo Mp3 singles "U Made Me Do It", "Yo Body", "2012", "Google Me, B*tch! (feat. Derhego & S.E. Trill), "Bangkok", "Shawty Wanna Strip", "Snap Out Of It", "Molly, Molly, Molly" (Git Up Outta Here!), "Dedicated 2 The Greatest" (feat. KLC), "O. I. N. D" (Often Imitated Never Duplicated), "Alias". Also new song "Jealous" on mp3 "Signature: The Anthology. His first solo project was the R&B-themed release "Gangsta Harmony," (1999 Priority Records). Mo B. Dick still produces, sings & raps. He currently produces with help sometimes from Pro Beats, S.E. Trill, Rusty Jay & J Reid for artists such as King Kun, R&B group The Essentials with Pure Soul, DA and Kazmere Johnson, Janelle Nadine, Lok Akim, Cash Crop, Tbks, Dubbs from the group 2R Tina, Wonder from The Purple Pimpalishus Orchestra, The Grady Bunch . He is also the Leader in the band Merge-N-Traffic, plays keyboards and sings.

Craig B[edit]

Craig Bazile aka Craig B. (born June 8), of New Orleans, Louisiana was a member of No Limit's in-house production team, Beats by the Pound. Craig has been producing music since the early nineties. His style is Bass (sound) & Groove (music) Some of his more popular works include "The Party Don't Stop" (Mia X feat. Master P & Foxy Brown), "Woof" (Snoop Dogg feat. Mystikal & Fiend) and "It Ain't My Fault" (Silkk The Shocker & Mystikal). Still produces present day with help sometimes from little brother Dominic Bazile aka Tic Toc or Tic2DaToc, most recently C-Murder ft.Lil Boosie new tracks "Came 2 Da Can" & "Hard 2 Be Black" ft.Snoop Dogg & Boosie Badazz.


Odell Vickers Jr. aka Odell (born May 22), is a Louisiana-based musician who was an in-house musician for Cash Money Records before moving over to No Limit Records in the mid-1990s. One of the most notable contributions by Odell was his keyboard work on the Manny Fresh-produced "Drag ’Em N Da River" by U.N.L.V. (group), a Mystikal diss song at the time. Odell produced many of the harsh-themed, dramatic tracks that played in various movies released by No Limit, including C-Murder's first and second albums intros and outros. He sang on many Beats by the Pound -produced albums for artists such as C-Murder, Master P, Mystikal, Mr. Serv-On and Mia X. Odell also has a song and video on the Foolish movie soundtrack named "Nothing Stays the Same" featuring Porsha. Currently, Odell has his own firm, (Dellsong RM) and continues to produce with help sometimes from son JayVick, Trilogy 215 & Streets. Also has released a project from Shreveport/Bossier artist Khali titled Tragedy and Hope. DsRM has also released a free jazz music sampler titled "Let The Music Happen" that contains previously unreleased (unmixed) mp3 tracks "Sunset Trippin', "Stop-N-Go", "Fastlane", "Rubbasoulshoe", "Never Alone" & "Evening Chill" with more projects slated to be released from Dellsong RM #DsRM in the near future.[5]


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