The Melancholy Connection

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The Melancholy Connection
Millencolin - The Melancholy Connection cover.jpg
Compilation album by Millencolin
Released May 29, 2012
Recorded 2000–2012
Genre Punk rock
Label Burning Heart, Epitaph
Producer Millencolin
Millencolin chronology
Machine 15
(2008)Machine 152008
The Melancholy Connection
True Brew
(2015) True Brew2015
Singles from The Melancholy Connection
  1. "Carry You"
    Released: June 08, 2012

The Melancholy Connection is a compilation album with a bonus DVD by the Swedish punk rock band Millencolin. The album follows up The Melancholy Collection which also contained rare and unreleased tracks. The DVD features a documentary that looks inside the making of Pennybridge Pioneers[1], with archival footage of the band and Bad Religion/Epitaph founder Brett Gurewitz who produced Pennybridge Pioneers and played Acoustic Guitar on "The Ballad."

The compilation contains the two newly recorded tracks "Carry You" and "Out From Nowhere."

Punk News began streaming the album in its entirety on May 23, 2012. [2]

Track listing[edit]

Track Song Recorded Appeared on
01 "Carry You" 2012 New song
02 "Out From Nowhere" 2012 New song
03 "Absolute Zero" 2002 Kemp (Single)
04 "Mind The Mice" 2008 Machine 15 (iTunes bonus track)
05 "The Downhill Walk" 2002 Kemp (Single)
06 "E20 Norr" 2003 E20 Norr (Single)
07 "Bull By The Horns" 2002 Man or Mouse (Single)
08 "Junkie for Success" 2008 Detox (Single)
09 "Dinner Dog" 2000 Penguins & Polarbears (Single)
10 "Ratboys Masterplan" 2005 Shut You Out (Single)
11 "Phony Tony" 2005 Ray (Single)
12 "Queens Gambit" 2000 Penguins & Polarbears (Single)
13 "Bowmore" 2005 Battery Check (Single)
14 "Into The Maze" 2002 Man or Mouse (Single)

A Pennybridge Production[edit]

The CD is paired with a ninety minute DVD that takes fans inside the making of Pennybridge Pioneers with never before seen archival footage, interviews with the band and live performance in Cologne, Germany.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Intro
  2. Hollywood
  3. Material Boy (Live)
  4. Duck Pond (Live)
  5. Recording
  6. Hellman (Live)
  7. Drums
  8. Highway Donkey (Live)
  9. Stop To Think (Live)
  10. Guitars
  11. Right About Now (Live)
  12. Working Titles
  13. A-Ten (Live)
  14. Vocals
  15. Devil's Me (Live)
  16. Penguin Vocals
  17. Penguins Video Shoot
  18. Penguins And Polarbears Video
  19. Backups
  20. The Mayfly (Live)
  21. Checkmate
  22. Pepper (Live)
  23. Fox Video Shoot
  24. Fox Video
  25. One More
  26. The Ballad (Live)


  1. No Cigar (Live)
  2. Fox (Live)
  3. Penguins And Polarbears (Live)