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The Memoir Club is an independent publishing company based at Washington near Durham. It specialises in the production of memoirs, biographies and company histories.


Founded in 1997, the company has published over 300 books. The company have published the memoirs of many figures, such as:


  • Chris Foote Wood VICTORIA WOOD - Comedy Genius - Her Life and Work
  • Malcolm Kimmins At Your Service and autobiography of Lieutenant General Sir Brian Kimmins KBE CB DL Foreword by Field Marshal Lord Guthrie GCB LVO OBE DL
  • Brian Greenwood Use It Or Lose It Foreword by Nicholas Paul Silverton MDFRCP
  • John Bridgeman I Remember It Well - The Diaries, Recollections and Art of Three Generations over Three Centuries


  • R Derek Finlay: Ten to Take Her Home
  • David Hutchinson: Through A Looking Glass
  • John C. Foster: Looking at Durham Stage and Screen
  • Eberhard George Wedell: A Post-War Half Century Christmas Letters 1962-2011


  • Phillip Harris: To Be A Neurosurgeon, a Memoir
  • John Shaw: A Fortunate Apprentice
  • Bryan Ashworth: Striving towards Elegance
  • Edmond Critchley: A Neurologists Tale
  • Richard Godwin-Austen: Seizing Opportunities The Reminiscences of a Physician


  • Alan Lettin: Was It Something I Said
  • Ian Burn: Journey of a Cancer Surgeon
  • Ronald Wilson: A Mother's Medical Man


  • Victor Dubowitz: Rambling Of A Peripatetic Paediatrician
  • Colin H M Walker: I Also Ran


  • Major Freddie Rawding: Life as a Curious Traveler
  • Major Lawless: From Miner to Major
  • Major Peter Horsfall: Hard Too Believe Too Old At Sixteen
  • Lieutenant Colonel Tony Mains: Sandhurst To The Khyber with a foreword written by General Sir Sam Cowan, KCB, CBE Colonel Commandant the Brigade of Gurkhas.
  • Brigadier Neville Pughe: Elusive Glory with a foreword written by General Sir Michael Wilkes KCB CBE.
  • Harry Moses: For Your Tomorrow A History of the 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry with a foreword written by Gen. Sir Peter de la Billiere KCB, KBE, DSO, MC, DL
  • Harry Moses: The Faithful Sixth - A History of the Sixth Battalion Durham Light Infantry
  • Brigadier Richard Mountford: A Life in the Day of a CRA, the story of a Cold War Soldier with a foreword written by General Sir Edward Burgess, KBE, OBE.


  • Richard Tallboys: Encounters of a Diplomatic Kind
  • Sir Francis Kennedy: Dust Suspended with a foreword written by Jackie Stewart
  • Sir Nicholas Bayne: Economic Diplomat with a foreword written by Robert D.Putnam Harvard


  • Thomas Russell: I Have The Honour To Be
  • Geoffrey R Price: Building A Life
  • Sir David Aubrey Scott: Window Into Downing Street
  • Dr J.D Macgregor: Colonial Window
  • Kenneth W Kelly OBE: Working Class Diplomat
  • Sir Bernard Burrows: Diplomat In A Changing World
  • Sir Wynn Hugh-Jones: Diplomacy to Politics by way of the Jungle
  • Julian Walker: Tyro On The Trucial Coast
  • Richard Wilding: Civil Servant
  • James Rooke: Trade And The Diplomat
  • Geoffrey R Price: Building A Life
  • John Stacpool: Recollections Of A Sit Sit Man
  • Prof John Robson: We Were Paid As Well


House of Lords



  • Bishop Bill Down: Down To The Sea with a foreword written by H.R.H., The Princess Royal.
  • John Peart Binns: The Improbable Bishop Ian Ramsey Of Durham
  • John Peart Binns: Gordon Fallows of Sheffield
  • Olga Rutherford Abraham's: A Geordie in Japan
  • Richard Ferguson: Listen to the Gospels
  • Stephen Carr: Surprised By Laughter
  • Revd A.H. Dammers: Thank You, Holy Spirit with a foreword written by George Carey, Lord Carey of Clifton Archbishop of Canterbury (1991-2002)
  • Sister Giles: Circle Completed & The End and The Beginning
  • Brian W J G: Lost Certainties

Female Authors

  • Joan Bright Astley OBE: The Inner Circle
  • Dame Sheila Quinn: A Dame Abroad
  • Norinka Ford: The Flowing Line
  • Audrey B Insley: The Resisted Exercise A Physio's Story
  • Isobel Bradley: Smiling in the Darkness
  • Cindy Coster: Where Am I From Where are YOU From?
  • Mary Burkett: I Felt Like An Adventure foreword by Melvyn Bragg
  • Lady Patricia Maddocks: So Many Worlds with a foreword by Anthony Kirk-Greene CMG MBE Emeritus Fellow, St Anthony s College Oxford.
  • Suzanne Kyrle-Pope: The Same Wife In Every Port with a foreword written by Sir Reginald Hibbert GCMG.
  • Audrey Deacon: Diary of a Wren 1940-1945 War Years in the Women's Royal Naval Service
  • Jenny Pierson: A Teatasters Dog
  • Rosella Bartelot: What Made Grandma Tick
  • Jenny Pierson: Travels of a Tea-Taster's Dog


  • Esmond Bulmer: Cider and more Besides Esmond Bulmer
  • Robin Salvesen: Ships Husband
  • Professor Raymond Miquel: Business As Usual...The Miquel Way
  • John Young: Acting Up
  • Roger A Owen: From Bricks To Beans Surveyor to Grocer
  • Sir Norman Wooding: Recollections
  • Sir Paul Nicholson: Brewer At Bay
  • Peter Bowring: A Thicket Of Business
  • Sir Desmond Pitcher: Water Under The Bridge
  • Sir Michael Parsons: Room To Swing a Cat
  • Harry Simpson: Land Sea and Air


  • Peter Ackers: My World The Life and Times of a Civil Engineer
  • Rafe Clutton: Take One Surveyor
  • Judge Richard Cole: An Oxford Man
  • John Craven: Understood Backwards
  • Gerard Galletly: An Impact Under Pressure with a foreword written by Dr Diana Galletly Cambridge.
  • Tony Downing: Water on the Brain with a foreword written by Professor Peter Wolf, Emeritus Professor of the City University, London.
  • John Duckworth: Weighty Matters: Worthy People
  • Michael Elton: Memories of Many Winds
  • Lord Mackie: Flying, Farming and Politics
  • R. Derek Finlay: Ten to Take Her Home
  • Derek Edwards: Puddings On Friday
  • Patrick Gordon-Duff-Pennington: Those Blue Remembered Hills
  • Brian Greenwood, ex-Chairman of Greenwoods Menswear: Shop; or clogs to clogs in three generations whose foreword was written by The Right Honourable Norman Tebbit.
  • Sir Peter Gwynn-Jones: The Coati Sable
  • Brian Lingard: Special Houses for Special People & Thrifty Homes for Thrifty People
  • Harry Simpson: Land, Sea and Air
  • Jim Davis CBE: You And Your Ships
  • David C. Fanthorpe: Little Tyke
  • Guy De Moubray: City Of Human Memories
  • Professor Kenneth Rawson: Ever the Apprentice
  • Brian Rofe: Blue Patches and Clear Water
  • Sir Conrad Swan: A King From Canada


  • Professor Anne Jones Education Roundabout
  • Peter. R Shuker: Half A Century of Further Education in England
  • Jennifer Trusted: When I Was Young, A Fortunate life in the mid-twentieth century
  • Professor. Peter R. Odell: An Energetic Life
  • Sue Davies-Jenkins: Hang On Tight
  • Sir John Horlock: An Open Book
  • Patrick Tobin: Portrait of a Putney Pud
  • Brian W J G Wilson: Experience Is An Arc
  • John Young: Acting Up
  • Roger Griffiths: A Life At The Chalkface
  • Arnold Hendry: A Career In Ivory Towers
  • John Mann: To Gladly Learn And Gladly Teach
  • John J. Sparkes: Understanding Learning
  • William Johnson: Record And Services Satisfactory


  • Dr Michael Partington: Barts and Beyond
  • Professor Peter Richards: The Harvest of a Quiet Eye
  • Professor John Richmond: Life's Jigsaw: A Medical Man Finds the Pieces
  • Dr Jean McMillan: Lucky Genes
  • Dr Hywel Davies: Uncle Ebe and Other Stories
  • Dr Satya Chatterjee: All My Yesterdays
  • Dr Tony Cole: Looking for Answers
  • Professor Gordon Cook: Victorian Incurables
  • Dr Oscar Craig: Medical Memoirs
  • John Hofmeyr: Anecdotes of a Life of Contrasts
  • Professor Michael Lee: Stood on the Shoulders of Giants



  • Richard Hill: A Light on Shore
  • Francis Major: Liverpool Ports
  • Captain Sam Fry: Fruitful Rewarding Years
  • Rear Admiral Richard Hill: A Light On Shore
  • Norman Goodwin: Midshipman-Royal Naval Reserve
  • Rear Admiral Geoffrey Hall: Sailors Luck
  • Patrick Martin: Fifty Years a Shipbuilder
  • Bryan Smalley: Aft Through The Hawsepipe


  • Joan Pye: Atoms for Peace
  • Sir Martin Holdgate: Penguins and Mandarins
  • Christopher Audland: Right Place - Right Time with a foreword written by Sir Frank Berman KCMG QC
  • Lord Roger Nathan: The Spice Of Life


  • Basil Mitchell: Looking Back; On Faith, Philosophy and Friends in Oxford
  • Professor Gordon Cook: The tropical disease that never existed - A history of ‘sprue’
  • Dr Edward Hulmes: The Spalding Trust and the Union for the Study of the Great Religions H.N Spalding's Pioneering Version with a foreword by The Revd Professor Ernest W.Nicholson, DD FBA Provost's Lodgings, Oriel College, Oxford.
  • Professor Peter R. Odell: An Energetic Life
  • Christopher Rundle: From Colwyn Bay To Kabul


  • Carole Bell: Baltics To Beirut
  • Jean McMillan: Itchy Feet
  • Tony Goddard: My African Stories
  • Wendy Brice Thompson: Down And Almost Under
  • Rosemary Wedell: Halfway Round The World


  • John Bridgeman: I Remember It Well, The Diaries, Recollections, and Art, of Three Generations over Three Centuries
  • Norval Mitchell: The Quiet People Of India
  • Joan Bright Astley OBE: The Inner Circle A View Of War at The Top
  • Tony Hare: Spanning The Century
  • Henry Keown-Boyd: The Lion and The Sphinx: The Rise and Fall Of The British In Egypt 1882-1956
  • Jeremy Mitchell: Shrapnel and Whizzbangs


  • Jean Hole: Life Saver – Life Changer, a history of the Taunton Women's Refuge 1977–2007


  • Alex Smith (engineer): Lock Up The swings n Sundays
  • Professor John Sparkes: Understanding Learning
  • Sir Thomas Symington: A Chance To Remember
  • Mr Chris Thornburn: No Messing: The Story Of An Essex Man
  • George Tolley: We, Of Our Bounty
  • David Tonge: Whither Thou Goest

Authors have been reviewed in such specialist publications as The Lancet,[1] Soldier Magazine,[2] as well as receiving coverage in local publications such as The Telegraph and Argus.[3]


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