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The Mercy Thompson series are an urban fantasy book series written by Patricia Briggs and narrated by the character Mercy Thompson.

Moon Called (2006)[edit]

Mercy must rescue the Alpha of the local werewolf pack and his young daughter, after they are taken by a band of humans and werewolves who are testing new medical drugs on werewolves. While helping Adam she must ask the Marrok, the leader of all North American werewolves, for help and encounters an old flame, Samuel Cornick, who decides to move back to the Tri-Cities with Mercy in an effort to win her back.

Blood Bound (2007)[edit]

Mercy accompanies her vampire friend, Stefan, on a task and encounters an evil demon-possessed vampire sorcerer who is on a killing rampage. She learns that only she can stop the sorcerer, and with everyone she cares for missing, she must take out the sorcerer before he destroys her friends. Amidst all this chaos she is also caught between her feelings for the Alpha of the local werewolf pack, Adam Hauptman, and her old flame, Samuel Cornick, who is currently living with her while he battles internally with his wolf.

Iron Kissed (2008)[edit]

Mercy is requested by her friend and old boss Zee to investigate some murders on the fae reservation near her home. During the investigation Zee is framed as a murderer and Mercy must work to free him from human prison. During the book she finally chooses between Samuel and Adam.

Bone Crossed (2009)[edit]

Mercy has been marked an enemy of the local seethe for killing the right-hand man of the head mistress, Marsillia. She becomes mated to Adam and in an effort to save her friends and get away from Marsillia, Mercy travels to Spokane to help her friend rid her house of a ghost. Once there Mercy uncovers a much bigger problem than a ghost and is captured by a powerful vampire on a quest to keep Mercy for her skills as a walker.

Silver Borne (2010)[edit]

In an attempt to return a book she once borrowed from a fae friend, Mercy discovers that something bad has happened to him and she has the reason why in her possession. While she attempts to find her fae friend, Adam's pack is in an upheaval about Mercy being added to the pack without their consent, so they attempt to sabotage her and Adam's relationship.

River Marked (2011)[edit]

Finally hitched, Mercy and Adam vacation on their honeymoon. The honeymoon ends quickly when people start dying in the river. It is up to Mercy and her new friends to stop the monster who is killing. Mercy learns about her heritage and her real father.[3]

Frost Burned (2013)[edit]

While out on a hectic Black Friday shopping trip, the pack is kidnapped, Mercy is left to rescue the wolves who got away and their families. Finding those responsible is never what it seems. Mercy is learning about her coyote powers and all hell breaks loose once the vampire Marsillia arrives on scene.

Night Broken (2014)[edit]

Adam's ex-wife shows up, on the run from her boyfriend. Mercy soon learns that Christy has the farthest thing from good intentions. She wants Adam back and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen, including turning Adam’s pack against Mercy.

Hollow (Short Story)[edit]

After considering the future of her mechanic shop, Mercy is approached by a woman named Lisa to handle a ghost haunting the home of a rich man. Along with the newest pack member Zack, Mercy investigates the trouble only to discover it's much worst then expected.

Hopcross Jilly Comic (2014-15)[edit]

While taking a quick run during the full moon, Mercy and Adam's pack come across a ritual burial site with skeletal remains of four children. Across the site is an old abandoned house that was once owned by an old and mysterious woman known as Hopecross Jilly. They discovered that she was an ancient fae that hunted down naughty children to eat their fingers and toes and bury their bodies in the cardinal directions. Meanwhile, Mercy's stepdaughter Jesse is having a tough time at school due to both the recent discovery of the burial sites and being the daughter of a werewolf. During this rough period, she befriends a new student named Jill who appears friendly to Jesse, yet acts strange.