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The Merrymakers are a Swedish based musical duo composed of Anders Hellgren and David Myhr, former members are Thomas Nyström, Kenneth Berg, Patrik Bergman and Peter Arffman. They have been making music together since the 1990s. Their major releases include "Andrew's store", "No Sleep 'til famous" and "Bubblegun." They have also written and produced songs for Puffy AmiYumi, Dorian Gray, Yuko Yamaguchi and Fujifabric.[1] In March 2008 Anders Hellgren announced that work had begun on a new Merrymakers album, although that seems to have been put aside in favor of David Myhr's solo album, Soundshine, due to be released in 2011.[needs update]


Original Swedish Singles[edit]

  • 'Andrew's Store / It's alright / I need something / Making History' 1992
  • 'Nobody there / I won't let you down' 1993
  • 'Magic Circles / Here for you' 1993
  • 'Spinning My Mind Away / Love (you can make it alright)' 1995
  • 'Monument of Me / Still someone to you' 1995
  • 'Aeroplane / Jetlag / Parachute' 1996
  • 'Monkey In The Middle / Coming Home / Superstern / The Prettiest Star' Nov 26th 1997
  • 'Saltwater Drinks / Sad / Saltwater Drinks (Remix)' Jan 12th 1998
  • 'April's Fool / (Hit Vision's radio edit) / (Hit Vision's dance mix) / (Instrumental fool) April 1, 1998

International Singles[edit]

  • 'Monument of Me / Parachute / Love (you can make it alright) / Monument of Me (Karaoke version)' April 28, 1997
  • 'Smiling In The Sky (Japanese promotional single)' 1997
  • 'Superstar / Superstern / Superstar (karaoke)' 1997
  • 'Troubled times (American promotion single)' 1998

Original Swedish Albums[edit]

International Album Versions[edit]

  • 'No Sleep 'Til Famous (Japan)' April 28, 1997
  • 'Bubblegun (Japan)' November 27, 1997
  • 'Andrew's Store (Japan)' September 26, 1997
  • 'Bubblegun (U.S.A.)' February 9, 1999


  • 'Now 6 (Japan)' June 11, 1997
  • 'Now 8 (Japan)' June 24, 1998


They have cited [2] the Beatles, ABBA and Depeche Mode as some of their major musical influences.

Personal life[edit]

Hellgren and Myhr also play in the ABBA tribute band Super Trouper. Anders has three children.


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