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A messenger or courier is a person or thing that carries a message.

Messenger or Messengers may also refer to:

In arts and entertainment[edit]

In film and television[edit]

In music[edit]





Other uses in arts and entertainment[edit]



In science and technology[edit]

Biology and chemistry[edit]

  • Chemical messenger, such as a hormone or neurotransmitter, a molecule used for cellular signalling
  • Messenger RNA (mRNA), RNA that carries information from DNA to the ribosome sites of protein synthesis in a cell

Electronics and computing[edit]

Other uses in science and technology[edit]

  • MESSENGER, a NASA probe to Mercury launched in 2004
  • Miles Messenger, a British 1940s liaison aircraft
  • Messenger, a tool attached to a capstan used to raise the anchor cables on 17th–19th century sailing ships

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