The Metal Opera

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The Metal Opera
The Metal Opera.jpg
Studio album by Avantasia
Released January 22, 2001 (Europe)[1]
July 10, 2001 (U.S.)
Recorded 2000
Studio Rhoen Studios, Germany
Genre Symphonic power metal
Length 59:12
Label AFM Records (Europe)
Century Media Records (U.S.)
Producer Tobias Sammet, Norman Meiritz
Avantasia chronology
Avantasia (single/EP)
The Metal Opera
The Metal Opera Part II
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [2]

The Metal Opera is the first full-length album by Tobias Sammet's supergroup project, Avantasia. It is a concept album and a rock opera, and further information on the story can be found here. The album is followed by the sequel The Metal Opera Part II.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Tobias Sammet.

No. Title Guest Vocalist Length
1. "Prelude"   1:12
2. "Reach Out for the Light" Michael Kiske 6:33
3. "Serpents in Paradise" David DeFeis 6:16
4. "Malleus Maleficarum" Ralf Zdiarstek 1:43
5. "Breaking Away" Kiske 4:35
6. "Farewell" Sharon den Adel, Kiske 6:33
7. "The Glory of Rome" Oliver Hartmann, Zdiarstek, Rob Rock 5:29
8. "In Nomine Patris"   1:04
9. "Avantasia" Kiske 5:32
10. "A New Dimension"   1:39
11. "Inside" Andre Matos, Kai Hansen 2:24
12. "Sign of the Cross" Hartmann, Hansen, Rock, Matos 6:26
13. "The Tower" Kiske, Hartmann, DeFeis, Timo Tolkki, Matos 9:45
Total length: 59:12

Note: "Malleus Maleficarum" is sampled from the song, "the Kingdom", by Tobias Sammet's other project, Edguy.






Chart Peak
Finland 36
France 118
Germany 35
Sweden 48


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