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The Mice Squad is a Canadian comic strip by Larry Purdy.[1] It first appeared in The Evening Telegram (St. John's, Newfoundland) on October 24, 1994. Later, the mice spread out into The Chronicle Herald (Halifax, Nova Scotia), The Daily Press (Timmins, Ontario), The Sherbrooke Record (Sherbrooke, Ontario), [The Western Star] (Corner Brook, Newfoundland), [Northern News] (Kirkland Lake, Ontario) and The Edge - A Salvation Army Publication. The strip follows the lives of a group of mice and their pet crab who live in the fictional town of Beavernose. Some of the mice form a hockey team called The Mice Squad.

List of Characters[edit]

  • Phil, a Trekkie and a Montreal Canadiens fan who is intent on escaping the comic strip
  • Caitlin, the one who runs the household and is in love with Phil
  • Jacques, the captain of the hockey team, and the lazy uncle and legal guardian of Nehru
  • Eddy, the wise goalie who loves computers
  • Nehru Jones, a mischievous six-year-old who always wears his hat backwards
  • Buster, the pet crab who is constantly at risk of being eaten by Jacques
  • Arthur Sullivan, Nehru's best friend who is better known as Stinky because of his odor
  • Vera Snodgrass, Nehru and Stinky's grade one teacher at Beavernose Elementary School