The Michael Nesmith Radio Special

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The Michael Nesmith Radio Special
Studio album by Michael Nesmith
Released 1980
Genre Rock
Label Pacific Arts
Producer Michael Nesmith

In 1980, Pacific Arts issued "The Michael Nesmith Radio Special" to promote Nesmith's album Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma. Because Infinite Rider was originally designed as a multimedia project, the radio special was designed to increase awareness of Nesmith's audio-visual productions, as well as promote the album.

The radio special comprises segments of an interview with Nesmith intercut with tracks from Infinite Rider. Within the interview, Nesmith discusses The Monkees. The discussion of his (then-)former band was the first acknowledgement Nesmith made since his 1970 album, Magnetic South.

As with many of Nesmith's compositions, the title of his songs were often indefinite. When he recorded the "Radio Special", Nesmith had yet to finalize the names for Infinite Rider and the alternate track names are listed along with the interview.

Currently, the only copies of "The Michael Nesmith Radio Special" are available on LP (Pacific Arts #PAC7-1300), which limited and very hard to find.

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