The Micronauts

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The Micronauts
Origin France Paris, France
Genres Techno, electronica
Years active 1995-Present
Labels Science/Virgin
Members Christophe Monier
Past members George Issakidis

The Micronauts are a Paris-based dance music act. They formed when Christophe Monier met Canada-born George Issakidis whilst working at the Parisian music fanzine eDEN.

The first release was a 12 inch called "The Jazz." They continued to work throughout the 1990s, developing an acid techno style of their own. This attracted the attention of high-profile artists, such as The Chemical Brothers and Underworld. Indeed, their remix of Block Rockin' Beats appears on The Chemical Brothers' DJ mix album Brothers Gonna Work It Out and their remix of Underworld's Bruce Lee was also widely distributed.

At the end of the decade they were signed to the Astralwerks label and soon after released The Jag. One year later, in 2000, they released their debut EP, Bleep to Bleep. However, soon after this, Issakidis left the project.

Monier continues to record and work under the name. He notably remixed Mirwais' "Miss You" and Madonna's "Hollywood" in 2003. He set up the Micronautics label in 2004. On 28 September 2007 he released a new album, Damaging Consent with a bonus ten track remixes retrospective.

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