The Mighty Boosh (2006 stage show)

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The Mighty Boosh
Comedy tour by The Mighty Boosh
Location United Kingdom
Start date 1 February 2006
End date 18 April 2006
No. of shows 55
The Mighty Boosh concert chronology

The Mighty Boosh was a stage-show written and performed by Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, also known as The Mighty Boosh. Michael Fielding, Rich Fulcher, and Dave Brown also appeared in the show. It toured from February 2006 to April 2006.


The main story, "The Ruby of Kukundu" – in which Howard Moon (Barratt) and Vince Noir (N. Fielding) travel to the Arctic and Spain respectively in search of the mystical gem that can restore the life of their shaman friend, Naboo (M. Fielding), slain by The Hitcher (N. Fielding) – draws heavily upon the well-known "Tundra" scenario used previously in the TV pilot, both the TV and radio series, and the Edinburgh show Arctic Boosh. There was also a cameo appearance by Matt Berry, reprising his role as Dixon Bainbridge. The stage show was later shown on television on Boxing Day 2007, and in December 2008, on BBC Three.


The Mighty Boosh Live was released on DVD on 13 November 2006. Recorded at the Brixton Academy in April, the DVD features the full show, commentary, backstage footage, a Culture Show piece on the stage show, deleted scenes, and more.

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