The Mighty Jungle

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This article is about the puppet series. For the TV series, see The Mighty Jungle (family sitcom).
The Mighty Jungle
Created by Jason Hopley
Jeff Rosen
Starring Frank Meschkuleit
Mike Petersen
Wendy Welch
Emilie-Claire Barlow
Jamie Bradley
Cheryl Wagner
Composer(s) John Welsman
Country of origin Canada, United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 46
Original network CBC Television
Original release 2008

The Mighty Jungle is a puppet series for preschoolers created by Jeff Rosen and Jason Hopley. The narrative of the story is largely crafted by a group of preschoolers who appear in live-action segments interspersed between puppet-acted scenes. It is co-produced by Halifax Film[1] and Decode Entertainment,[2] both DHX Media Companies;[3] it is produced in association with CBC Television.[4] The program is broadcast in Canada on CBC Television, a Canadian television network owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the national English-language public broadcaster, in the Kids' CBC programming block,[5] and in the United States on Sprout.


Babu, along with his friends Bruce and Rhonda, explore many of the same issues that very young children face, such as wanting to win, feeling silly, or not knowing how much is "too much" of a good thing. As the story illustrating the day's theme is played out, the narrative occasionally pauses so that the live-action preschoolers can suggest a course of action for the puppet characters to take, and often the puppets will react to the advice they receive.


  • Babu (performed by Frank Meschkuleit) - Babu is a meerkat who isn't scared of anything. He is yellow and he has brown stripes on his body, brown hair, and a short bushy tail.
  • Bruce (performed by Mike Peterson) - Bruce is a gorilla who is always nervous. He is always having fun with the help of his friends and his safety helmet.
  • Rhonda (performed by Wendy Welch) - Rhonda is a rhinoceros that enjoys playing dress-up. She likes playing by the rules including the ones she makes up. She is orange. She has four hooves, an orange saddle, a long tail, and two tusks.




  • Jamie Bradley - Wendall the Sloth, Mr. Bristle the Warthog, Pizza Monkey, Steven the Elephant, Baby Kico the Meerkat, Rainbow Unicorn, Dragon Dentist, Winter Wizard, Glinda the Stinky Flower, Eric the Baby Lion, Chocolate Marshmallow Monkey, Magical Unicorn, Chucky the Cheetah, Friendly Octopus, Baby Dinosaur, River Pigs.
  • Frank Meschkuleit - Babu the Meerkat
  • Mike Peterson - Bruce the Gorilla
  • Cheryl Wagner - Lala the Lion Cub
  • Wendy Welch - Rhonda