The Mighty Nach Live

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The Mighty Nach Live
Live album by Albannach
Released 2008
Genre Celtic battle music
Label Albannach Music
Producer Mick MacNeil
Albannach chronology
Circa B.C.
(2007)Circa B.C.2007
The Mighty Nach Live

The Mighty Nach Live, a live album, is the third audio release from Celtic war band Albannach. It was recorded while touring throughout Scotland and North America in 2007.

Track listing[edit]

Track Number Track Name Length Vocalist
1 "Pictavia's Pride" none
2 "Rampant's Revenge" none
3 "Ancestors" Jacquie Holland
4 "In Bed With Quinsy" none
5 "The Gael" none
6 "Hooligan's Holiday" none
7 "Scotland Is Her Name" Jacquie Holland
8 "Burlin" none
9 "Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum"
10 "Intro To Finalé"
11 "Hornpipes From Hell" Albannach


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