The Millinery Shop

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The Millinery Shop
Edgar Degas - The Millinery Shop - Google Art Project.jpg
ArtistEdgar Degas
Yearbetween 1879 and 1886
TypeOil paint on canvas
Dimensions100 by 110.7 centimetres (39.4 in × 43.6 in)
LocationArt Institute of Chicago

The Millinery Shop (1879/86) is a painting by French artist Edgar Degas. It depicts a woman sitting at a display table in a millinery shop, appearing to closely examine or work on a lady's hat, which she holds in her hands. The view of the scene is at an angle from above. Although Degas created several paintings concerning milliners, this painting is his "largest and only 'museum scale work' on this subject".[1][2]


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