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The Million Pound Radio Show was a long-running radio programme written by and featuring Nick Revell and Andy Hamilton that aired on Britain's BBC Radio 4. A series of sketches, interspersed with dialogue between the two, the show ran for at least six series between 1985 and 1992 with associated Christmas specials, along with a World Cup special in 1990 and a Millennium special broadcast in 1996 ("We reckon that by the time the year 2000 arrives the mere mention of the word 'millennium' will be enough to send people into life-threatening comas"). Regular Andy Hamilton players such as Felicity Montagu also turned up and Harry Enfield appeared in some programmes.

The show became popular in the UK through a sketch involving Pirates requiring better employment conditions ("We wants a training day!" "Aye! And a creche!") being repeatedly played on BBC Radio 1; the only cassette release of the series capitalised on this and had "Includes the famous pirate sketch!" emblazoned on the cover.

The Million Pound Radio Show is today quite frequently broadcast on the BBC Radio 4 Extra channel, on digital radio and the internet.

In an interview given on BBC Radio 7's "I Did It My Way", broadcast on 5 April 2008, Andy Hamilton said that there was a chance of a 'reunion' programme, perhaps at the next election. However, he made no firm commitment.

Series 1 (August 1985)[edit]

  1. Later On In Our Sports Feature.
  2. Tulula Blaze Remembers Ivor Novello.
  3. Drinking & Driving Foreign Diplomat.
  4. Now A Look Ahead To Monday On Radio 4 - Fame - Quite Well Respected

Series 2 (September 1986)[edit]

  1. How Come Nostradamus Never Won The Pools
  2. Government New Aid Scheme For Small Business
  3. Astronaut Mugged In Space
  4. Third Test At Lords
  5. Eta Terrorist Bomb Campaign
  6. Rupert Murdoch: Sun Goes Upmarket
  7. Leonardo da Vinci
  8. Shipping Forecast

Series 3 (October 1987)[edit]

  1. The Man Who Didn't Belong
  2. The Man Who Changed
  3. They Came From All Good Stores
  4. The Devil's Disciples
  5. Invaders From The Planet Dull
  6. Journey To The Centre Of The Brain

Series 4 (March 1989)[edit]

  1. Page 3 Girl
  2. Guest Will Be Bros
  3. European onion threat and a whale of a time with Moby Dick
  4. Buckingham Palace revelations and government food advice
  5. The secret of Stonehenge, and the day truth broke out.
  6. A flagship Ronald Ambrose Lecture and poorly Andy's NHS choices