The Mind of Mr. Reeder

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The Mind of Mr. Reeder is a 1939 British, black-and-white, crime, mystery, directed by Jack Raymond and starring Ronald Shiner as Sam Hackett.[1] It was produced by Jack Raymond Productions. Allmovie lists the alternate film title of The Mysterious Mr. Reeder.[2] Its accompanying Synopsis follows. Also, Ronald Shiner, Will Fyffe and Jack Raymond were all involved in another Mr. Reeder film, The Missing People. The film is based on a novel by Edgar Wallace. This film is also known as The Mysterious Mr. Reeder.[3]


Will Fyffe makes another appearance as Mr. Reeder, the seemingly absent-minded Scotland Yard sleuth created by Edgar Wallace. This time, the canny Reeder is hot on the trail of a counterfeiting gang. In his own disheveled fashion, he puts the criminals off guard long enough to swoop in for the kill in the final reel. Among the suspects is Welford (George Curzon), the eye-twitching murderer from Alfred Hitchcock's Young and Innocent. In keeping with his character's essential Britishness, Will Fyffe dispenses with his trademarked Scottish accent in this outing.


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