The Mine (1978 film)

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Maden (The Mine)
Maden afisi.jpg
Directed by Yavuz Özkan
Written by Yavuz Özkan
Starring Cüneyt Arkın
Tarık Akan
Hale Soygazi
Running time
90 minutes
Country Turkey
Language Turkish

Maden ("The Mine") is a 1978 Turkish film starring Cüneyt Arkın, Tarık Akan and Hale Soygazi, and directed by Yavuz Özkan. It is about a group of miners who decide to strike against a greedy mining company to demand better working conditions. The film is from the wave of political films in Turkey during the 1970s and actually represents one of the highest points of activism in the Turkish cinema as the Turkish left was in its peak point too.

Maden won the following Golden Orange awards[edit]

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