The Miracle Continues

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Helen Keller: The Miracle Continues is a 1984 semisequel to the 1979 telefilm version of The Miracle Worker. It is a drama based on the life of Helen Keller.


The film covers the period of Keller's life from her college years at Radcliffe through her writing of The Story of My Life assisted by John Macy, who falls in love with and marries Keller's teacher and companion, Anne Sullivan. Helen wants to live a full life but is hampered by her actual disabilities and by people's attitudes and beliefs about the disabled at that time. Sullivan is hampered by psychological problems from her own past, as well as by her symbiotic, almost codependent bond with Helen, which affects Macy to the extent that he eventually self-destructs into alcoholism. Keller and Sullivan raise money by going on the road with a lecture tour where they describe her education.


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