The Misadventures of Saint Etienne

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The Misadventures of Saint Etienne
The misadventures of saint etienne japan only.jpg
Soundtrack album by Saint Etienne
Released 1999
Recorded Winter 1997
Genre Indie pop
Length 45m
Label L'Appareil-Photo Bis - bis 02
Producer Saint Etienne
Saint Etienne chronology
Places to Visit
(1999)Places to Visit1999
The Misadventures of Saint Etienne
Built on Sand
(1999)Built on Sand1999
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]

The Misadventures of Saint Etienne (1999) is an album by Saint Etienne. Released only in Japan, it served as the soundtrack to a British indie film called The Misadventures of Margaret, starring Parker Posey.[2]

The soundtrack was recorded during winter 1997 just before the period when the band were starting to promote the Good Humor album, Sarah Cracknell said in an interview with Melody Maker that "Saturday" was being remixed by Trouser Enthusiasts as a possible single release. The single and remix never appeared, and the film itself was only released in Spanish cinemas.

Other tracks recorded for the film (but left off the soundtrack) include "Secret Love", a duet between Cracknell and Posey, "Sadie's Anniversary" and "Half Timbered". The last two were later released on the Places to Visit EP.

Track listing[edit]

1."Statues"Bob Stanley, Pete Wiggs0:45
2."Jack Lemmon"Ged Adamson, Lee Wilson-Wolfe, Martin Kelly, Sarah Cracknell4:20
3."Paris Bar '89"Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell2:10
4."Saturday"Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell2:52
5."Dream Dentist"Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell1:40
6."Lost in the Library"Guy Batson, Johnny Male, Cracknell2:16
7."Find Me a Boy"Françoise Hardy, Roger Samyn3:49
8."Edward Undecided"Gerard Johnson, Wiggs1:34
9."Martin Court"Johnson, Wiggs1:19
10."Space Shuttle"Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell0:34
11."It's All Gone Horribly Wrong"Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell2:25
12."More Statues"Stanley, Wiggs0:45
13."French Detective"Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell0:44
14."Do It All"Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell3:34
15."New York Skyline"Johnson, Wiggs1:21
16."Seventeenth Century Sea"Stanley, Wiggs3:40
17."In Dreams"Stanley, Wiggs, Cracknell2:14
18."Lonely Margaret"Batson, Male, Cracknell1:18
19."The Way I Fell for You"Ian Catt, Cracknell4:08
20."I'm Here to Mix the Nuns"Johnson, Wiggs2:27


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