The Misses Vickers

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The Misses Vickers
The Misses Vickers John Singer Sargent 1884.jpeg
Artist John Singer Sargent
Year 1884
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 166.6 cm × 212.2 cm (65.6 in × 83.5 in)
Location Museums Sheffield, Sheffield

The Misses Vickers is an oil painting by John Singer Sargent. The painting depicts three young ladies, from the Vickers family, in their estate in Bolsover Hill, Sheffield.

The Times of May 22, 1886 reviewed the painting thus: "Three young ladies, painted in a thin and almost ghostly fashion, gaze straight out of the picture at you. They seem as insubstantial as beings from another world; these faces, medicated rather than painted, these cloudy dresses, these unsubstantial chairs and tables, are they portraits or are they mere suggestions for portraits? Seeing the picture for the first time... one inevitably answers that they are mere sketches; that the artist no doubt intends to carry his work much further. But a second and a third examination bring one to a different mind, and almost, if not quite, convince one that this art, at once very bold and very subtle, is legitimate; that the painter has really got in this apparent slighting the truth about his sitters, and that no further touches could put more life or more character into face or form or accessories."


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