The Mix Tape (KRS-One album)

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The Mix Tape
Krs One-The Mix Tape-Frontal.jpg
Mixtape by KRS-One
Released August 27, 2002
Recorded 2002
Genre Hip hop, East Coast hip hop, hardcore hip hop
Label Koch
Producer KRS-One, Da Beatminerz, Creative Minds Combined, A-Sharp, Pleasure King, Inebriated Beats, Tine E Tim, BJ Wheeler
KRS-One chronology
Spiritual Minded
(2002)Spiritual Minded2002
The Mix Tape
Alternative cover
European release
European release
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
HipHopRapCityCute 4.5/5 stars
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
RapReviews (8.5/10)[2]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide 4/5 stars[3]

The Mix Tape is a mixtape by KRS-One released in August 2002 by Koch Records, in promotion of the Kristyles album also released by Koch the following year. It is quite short with four interludes making up the 13 tracks. It is known for the song "Ova Here" which disses Nelly, as KRS-One was under the impression Nelly dissed him on the track #1 from his album Nellyville and the Training Day soundtrack.

A proper but very limited version of the street album was released in Europe under the title Prophets vs. Profits. That version features lesser skits and has a few additional tracks although a pair of tracks on The Mix Tape is missing from Prophets vs. Profits.

Track listing the Mix Tape[edit]

# Title Producer(s) Performer(s) Length
1 "Ova Here" Da Beatminerz KRS-One 2:56
2 "Things Is About To Change" Creative Minds Combined KRS-One 2:34
3 "Splash" A-Sharp, Pleasure King KRS-One 2:24
4 "Kim-O/Steph-Lover Shout-Outs" Kim-O, Steph-Lover Kim-O, Steph-Lover 0:19
5 "Down The Charts" Creative Minds Combined KRS-One 2:10
6 "Priest Shout-Outs" Priest 0:10
7 "The Message 2002" Inebriated Beats KRS-One 3:54
8 "Kreditz" *Interlude* 0:38
9 "Stop It" KRS-One, Mad Lion KRS-One 1:37
10 "Problemz" Inebriated Beats KRS-One 3:14
11 "Deejay Red Alert Shout-Outs" Red Alert Red Alert 0:29
12 "Ova Here (Remix)" Tine E Tim KRS-One 2:58
13 "Preserve The Kulture" BJ Wheeler KRS-One 1:31

Track listing Prophets Vs. Profits[edit]

# Title Producer(s) Performer(s) Length
1 "Ova Here" Da Beatminerz KRS-One 2:56
2 "Things Is About To Change" Milann Miles, Rick Long KRS-One 2:34
3 "Splash" A-Sharp, Pleasure King KRS-One 2:24
4 "My People" Alumni KRS-One 3:08
5 "Kreditz" KRS-One KRS-One 2:02
6 "I Remember" J-Roc, Mad Lion KRS-One 4:03
7 "Down The Charts" Milann Miles, Rick Long KRS-One 2:10
8 "You Really Don't Want It" Jim Bean 3:29
9 "Womanology" Soul Supreme KRS-One 2:01
10 "2nd Kreditz" KRS-One 0:46
11 "Stop It" KRS-One, Mad Lion 1:38
12 "Problemz" Vanguard KRS-One 3:15
13 "Believe It!" Soul Supreme KRS-One 3:59


Chart (2002) Peak
US Independent Albums (Billboard)[4] 17
US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard)[5] 32


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