The Miyagi Museum of Art

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The Miyagi Museum of Art
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General information
Address34-1 Kawauchi-Motohasekura, Aoba-ku
Town or citySendai, Miyagi Prefecture
Coordinates38°15′50″N 140°51′18″E / 38.263805°N 140.855090°E / 38.263805; 140.855090Coordinates: 38°15′50″N 140°51′18″E / 38.263805°N 140.855090°E / 38.263805; 140.855090
OpenedNovember 1981
Official website

The Miyagi Museum of Art (宮城県美術館, Miyagi-ken bijutsukan) opened in Sendai, Japan, in 1981. The collection has as its primary focus works associated with Miyagi Prefecture and the Tōhoku region more generally, from the Meiji period to the present day, and also includes paintings by Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee.[1][2] Artists represented include Aimitsu, Kishida Ryūsei, Matsumoto Shunsuke, Nakamura Tsune, Takahashi Yuichi, Yasui Sōtarō, and Yorozu Tetsugoro.[3]

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