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Years active 1979 (1979)–1982 (1982)
Members Kate Korris
Jane Crockford
June Miles-Kingston
Ramona Carlier
Melissa Ritter

Mo-dettes[1] were an all-female post-punk band, formed in 1979 by Kate Korris, an original member of The Slits and brief member of The Raincoats, and Jane Crockford, former member of The Bank of Dresden.


Mo-dettes' best-known song is "White Mice", written by Jane Crockford, which was self-released as their first single in mid-1979 on Mode records, with "Masochistic Opposite" on the B-side. The single was distributed by Rough Trade.

Mo-dettes got further exposure on BBC Radio 1, DJ John Peel's show on 28 January 1980, broadcasting versions of "Norman (He's No Rebel)", "Dark Park Creeping", "Kray Twins" and "Bitter Truth". Further sessions followed on 26 August 1980 and 11 July 1981.[2]

They released one album, The Story So Far, (Deram Records SML-1120) November 1980.[3] The album chiefly consisted of pop-punk originals, as well as covers of The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" and Édith Piaf's "Milord". Also in 1981, billed as Bomberettes, they provided backing vocals on the track "Fighter Pilot" on John Cale's album Honi Soit.

The final vinyl installment from the band was "Tonight", released in June 1981. Two months later, at the request of Decca Records, who wanted to hear a fuller sound, Mo-dettes asked guitarist Melissa Ritter to join. She played her first show as a Mo-dette just four days after joining the band. In February 1982, Ramona left and June sang for a couple of months. In May 1982, Sue Slack replaced Ramona on vocals, before Mo-dettes disbanded permanently on 11 November 1982.

Bassist Jane Crockford was married in 1980 to Daniel Woodgate of the ska band Madness. The marriage lasted for fifteen years. June Miles-Kingston first returned to the studio when she played drums and sang backing vocals on Fun Boy Three's "Our Lips Are Sealed", and in the late 1980s as the drummer for The Communards, During this period, she also worked with Thompson Twins, and Everything but the Girl.[4] Miles-Kingston is the sister of the former Tenpole Tudor guitarist Bob Kingston.




  • "White Mice" (1979) – Mode Records
  • "Dark Park Creeping" (1980)- (Deram Records) b/w "Two Can Play"
  • "Paint It Black" (1980) – DeramUK No. 42
  • "Tonight" (1981) – Deram – UK No. 68[1]
  • "Kray Twins" (1981) – Human Records HUM10 – Live recorded at The Marquee /b-side: White Mice


  • Kate Korris (Korus) – guitar – (born in the United States)[5]
  • Jane Crockford (Perry Woodgate) – bass
  • Ramona Carlier – vocals (now known as Ramona Wilkins) (from Switzerland[3])
  • June Miles-Kingston – drums
  • Melissa Ritter - guitar


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