The Mole (Australia season 1)

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The Mole (Australia season 1)
Country of origin Australia
No. of episodes 9
Original network Seven Network
Original release 27 February – 24 April 2000[1]
Season chronology
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The first season of the Australian version of The Mole aired between 27 February and 24 April 2000, on Seven Network. It took place mostly in Tasmania and was hosted by actor Grant Bowler.

Show details[edit]

In this, the first season of The Mole, the players only knew ahead of time that they had applied to, and been accepted to appear on, a new reality game show. The knowledge that one among them was a traitor and working to sabotage their efforts wasn't revealed until just before the first round of gameplay began. Hundreds of people responded to a newspaper advertisement asking for applicants, and from this advertisement came the nine genuine contestants. The Mole was hired separately, though it was revealed during the season finale that he was artificially put through the rigors of the application process, so that he would be able to naturally talk about the experience with the others. The maximum prize for the season was $200,000, and this was the only season where the announced maximum and the actual maximum were the same. In contrast to all subsequent seasons, the events of each episode were referred to as "challenges" rather than "assignments."

In the years that followed, Alan Mason became the adjudicator on the Australian version of The Weakest Link and the runner-up, Abby Coleman, is now a radio announcer on B105 FM in Brisbane.


Player Age Hometown Occupation Outcome
James Douldudis 37 Victoria Computer Programmer 9th Place
Patrick Fogarty 48 Queensland Winery Manager 8th Place
Rocky Warren 39 New South Wales Marketing Executive 7th Place
Josephine Pennicott 35 New South Wales Aromatherapy Consultant 6th Place
Ben Taylor 27 New South Wales Hotel Manager 5th Place
Beverley "Bev" Rilatt-Richardson 55 Queensland Homestay Interviewer 4th Place
Linda Cameron 28 Western Australia Fine Foods Merchant 3rd Place
Abby Coleman 18 South Australia Student Runner-up
Alan Mason 37 Victoria Environmental Officer The Mole
Jan Moody 40 Victoria School Services Officer Winner

Elimination chart[edit]