The Mole (Australia season 4)

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The Mole (Australia season 4)
Country of origin Australia
No. of episodes 10
Original network Seven Network
Original release 27 July – 28 September 2003[1]
Season chronology
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Season 3
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Season 5

The fourth season of the Australian version of The Mole, subtitled The Mole in Paradise, took place mostly in New Caledonia and was hosted by Grant Bowler.

Show Details[edit]

This season had a higher announced maximum kitty than previous seasons, touting the maximum amount to be won to be $500,000. However, the final total in the group kitty was comparable with that of previous seasons, at $104,000. The first episode of this season took place in Sydney, with the host revealing during the elimination that nine of them, minus the player who was to be eliminated, would head to New Caledonia for the remainder of the season.

This season almost did not go ahead due to poor ratings attained from the previous season. This showed with the fourth series being aired later on in the year. Unlike in previous seasons where the show was given a PG rating, this season was given a G rating. Additionally, the show screened on Sunday nights rather than the previous timeslot of Wednesday nights, partly due to its unpopularity in its previous timeslot, and the entire series was aired throughout July to September 2003. Filming took place during May to June in 2003.

Casting was handled by newspaper advertisements. Thousands of individuals responded, and these ten were the ones that were chosen:

Player Age Hometown Occupation Outcome
Stace Callaghan 32 Brisbane, Queensland Masseuse 9th Place
Greg Harding 54 Craigieburn, Victoria Manager 8th Place
Josh Kennedy-White 34 Elizabeth Bay, New South Wales Public relations 7th Place
Nikki Hosking 19 6th Place
Kris Stanley 53 Oyster Bay, New South Wales Sales representative 5th Place
Alison Lyford-Pike 24 Brighton, Victoria Musician 4th Place
Cam Villani 26 Blackburn, Victoria Firefighter 3rd Place
Nathan Beves 22 Cronulla, New South Wales Stevedore Runner-up
Petrina Edge 24 Petersham, New South Wales Sales assistant The Mole
Shaun Faulkner 22 Barraba, New South Wales Security guard Winner

Nikki's information wasn't given.

Elimination Chart[edit]