The Mole (Australia season 5)

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The Mole (Australia season 5)
Country of origin Australia
No. of episodes 10
Original network Seven Network
Original release 25 August – 28 October 2005[1]
Season chronology
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Season 4
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Season 6

The fifth season of the Australian version of The Mole, subtitled The Amazing Game, took place in New Zealand and was hosted by Tom Williams.

Show Details[edit]

The announced maximum kitty for the season was $500,000, though the absolute maximum was slightly more than that. The final group kitty was $203,000. This season featured a slightly different format from other seasons, in that the challenges took place over a weekend in New Zealand, and afterward, the players were flown in to a studio in Sydney for a live quiz and elimination. This also meant that the seclusion of the players, normally a standard feature of The Mole, was broken, as the players were able to talk to friends and family while in Sydney, watch the produced episode, and even check the internet for clues.

Additionally, it was revealed at the beginning of the series that if the Mole went unidentified over the course of the series, they would win all the money that was kept from the kitty.

There was no 2004 season due to poor ratings from the third and fourth seasons but the show was revived in 2005 with the hope that ratings would again return. Poor ratings for this season meant that there have since been no further seasons in Australia until 2013.

Williams was brought on to host the show because popular previous host Grant Bowler was unavailable due to a prior commitment. Episodes were broadcast on Thursday nights (thus partially directly going head to head with a behind-the-scenes edition of Australian Idol) and the PG rating was brought back due to the show airing at 7:30pm. In the first episode, as the elimination process was about to start, one of the production assistants accidentally yelled out: "It's Josh!" (in reference to the contestant who was about to be eliminated). Luckily, the contestants didn't hear those words. Some eliminated contestants would appear on Sunrise the morning after their elimination.

It was also notable for being sponsored by the then new PlayStation Portable, which each contestant receiving instructions and challenges by way of a memory card and on-screen displays.

The winner of The Mole, Liz Cantor, has since become a fill-in weather presenter on Seven News Brisbane.


Over 4,000 people auditioned to be on the show.[2] These are the twelve who were chosen:

Player Age Hometown Occupation Outcome
Josh Barker 27 Sydney Rock Singer 11th Place
Sonya Fardell 40 Melbourne Vet Nurse 10th Place
Brett McGrath 32 Queensland Salesman 9th Place
Nat Amoore 25 Melbourne Editing Assistant/Trapeze Artist 8th Place
Juan Garcia 26 Melbourne Lawyer 7th Place
Mark Jensen 46 Sydney Actor 6th Place
Heidi Monsour 30 Brisbane Socialite 5th Place
Kristy Curtis 27 Sydney Fitness Instructor 4th Place
Liane Bourke 38 Sydney Housewife 3rd Place
Craig Murell 27 Sydney Army Pilot Runner up
John Whitehall 52 Sydney Retired Detective The Mole
Liz Cantor 22 Brisbane Competitive Surfer Winner

Elimination Chart[edit]