The Mole Show Live at the Roxy

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The Mole Show
The Mole Show Live at the Roxy.jpg
Live album by
RecordedOctober 30, 1982
VenueThe Roxy
LabelRalph Records, Bomba Records
ProducerThe Cryptic Corporation
The Residents chronology
Title In Limbo
The Mole Show
Residue of the Residents

The Mole Show Live at the Roxy is a live recording by The Residents. The show was originally bootlegged, and The Cryptic Corporation bought the master tapes, releasing it officially on Ralph Records in 1983. 1800 copies were pressed on black vinyl, and a picture disc edition of 1500 copies was also released. The album was released in 1998 by Bomba Records in Japan.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Voices of the Air
  2. The Secret Seed
  3. Introduction
  4. Won't You Keep Us Working?
  5. First Warning
  6. Back to Normality?
  7. The Sky Falls!
  8. Narration
  9. God of Darkness
  10. More Narration
  11. March to the Sea
  12. The Observer
  13. Hole Workers' New Hymn
  14. Rumors
  15. Arrival
  16. Deployment
  17. Saturation
  18. Still More Narration
  19. Idea
  20. Construction
  21. Ugly Rumors
  22. Failure/Reconstruction
  23. Success
  24. Upset Narration
  25. Call of the Wild
  26. Driving the Moles Away
  27. Don't Tread on Me
  28. The Short War
  29. Frantic Narration
  30. Resident Speech
  31. Satisfaction
  32. Happy Home


Music Played By: The Residents

Vocals: Nessie Lessons

Narrator: Penn Jillette

Sound: Scott Fraser