The Monkey King (manga)

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The Monkey King
西遊奇伝 大猿王
(Saiyukiden Daienou)
GenreAdventure, fantasy[1]
Written byKatsuya Terada
Published byShueisha
English publisher
MagazineUltra Jump
Original run1998 – present
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The Monkey King (西遊奇伝 大猿王, Saiyukiden Daienō, literally - "Legendary Journey to the West: The Great Monkey King"), also known as Katsuya Terada's The Monkey King, is a fantasy manga series, written and illustrated in full color by Katsuya Terada.


The story is based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West. Katsuya Terada's take on the legend of the Monkey King in a savage, lusty saga that The Portland Tribune calls "a Buddhist version of Conan the Barbarian.":[citation needed]


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