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A monolith is a monument or natural feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock.

Monolith or monolithic may also refer to:

  • Single crystal, unified crystal, also called monocrystal or monolithic


  • Monolithic architecture, a style of construction in which a building is carved, cast or excavated from a single piece of material
  • Monolithic column, column made from one single piece of stone
  • Monolithic dome, structure cast in one piece over a form, made of concrete or similar structural material




  • Monolithic kernel, kernel architecture for computer operating systems
  • Monolithic system, computer system architecture where processing, data and the user interface all reside on the same system

Electronic circuits[edit]

  • Monolithic system, an electronic system, such as a processor, realized on a single die
  • Monolithic microwave integrated circuit (often abbreviated MMIC), a type of integrated circuit (IC) device that operates at microwave frequencies (300 MHz to 300 GHz)
  • MoSys, Inc., formerly Monolithic Systems, Inc.