The Monsters in the Morning

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The Monsters in the Morning
The Monsters in the Morning logo.png
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
Home station WTKS-FM Real Radio
Starring Russ (Chubs) Rollins,
Dirty Jim, Angel and Carlos Navarro, Paul Vann, Bobby Bad Fingers, Gian
Recording studio Orlando, Florida
Audio format Speech

The Monsters in the Morning is a morning talk radio show that is broadcast on WTKS-FM Real Radio in Orlando, Florida and simulcast on the iHeartRadio mobile app. The show's current staff consists of Bobby Bad Fingers, Paul Vann, Russy (Chubs) Rollins, Dirty Jim, Carlos, Angel, and Gian. The Monsters in the Morning's' format features a mix of current events, comedy, and stunts.[1] Guests include comedians visiting the local Improv comedy club, local celebrities, and sometimes national celebrities. Stunts have involved eating peppers, touching tips, skywriting, hanging a Monsters banner on a local eyesore, getting married, and blowing oneself up with firecrackers. FTD.


The show was renamed several times before receiving the final title of The Monsters in the Morning. Attempts were made to simulcast the show in several other Florida markets but were unsuccessful. It was eventually canceled in all other radio markets, bringing them back to local radio status. WXTB in Tampa Bay ended simulcasts of the show in favor of local programming.[2] On December 20, 2013, Tom Vann AKA:Drunky The Bear announced he was leaving the show, after Daniel Dennis had already decided to not resign his contract. Tom and Dan are now the hosts of the most mediocre podcast to ever set sail. Russ is currently separated from his wife and has been served divorce papers amid accusations of abuse [3]

Following the sale of Clear Channel's stake in Sirius XM Radio, the show ended its simulcast over XM Satellite Radio on October 18, 2013. The Monsters in the Morning most recently aired on Extreme Talk (XM channel 243), a channel now only available online via iHeartRadio.[4]

The show received national attention when host Russ Rollins was served with divorce papers while on the air. It appeared that he had staged the timing of the service so he would be on the air. His wife subsequently sued him for defamation as the result of his remarks.[5]


  • Kramer Makes the Call - A weekly segment on Wednesdays with Attorney Steven Kramer. Two callers with a legal dispute, usually a divorce or family law related issue, each present their case by phone. Then Kramer tells the callers what a judge might do in their case. The callers receive a free mediation session.[citation needed]
  • Tell The Truth - Aired Friday. Listeners submit questions to the show members that they would normally not be discussed. Show members then vote on the question that they think is the most entertaining. The winning submitter is awarded with both a prize from the prize cave and the "truthful" answer to their question.[citation needed]
  • You Be The Lawyer - A segment where Dirty Jim takes a question from a listener that pertains to a certain legal problem for which the answer is complicated. Show members guess as to the proper legal approach to the problem. An attorney from Jacobs & Goodman ("Sweet Lou" Bouchard or "Best Beard in the Business" Glenn Klausman) addresses the real legal approach to the situation.[citation needed]

Cast members[edit]

  • RRR (Chubs) - Russ Ray Rollins
  • Dirty Jim - Jim Colbert[6]
  • Carlos - Carlos Navarro[citation needed]
  • DJ Angel of Boom - Angel Rivera
  • Paul Vann
  • Bobby Bad Fingers
  • Gian


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