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The Morgan Waters Show is a six-minute sketch comedy show starring Morgan Waters, made by CBC Television for its afternoon youth programming lineup, next to the 3 minute Mr. Meaty and Yam Roll. Morgan goes through a variety of situations with most characters being played by himself, including the badminton-loving Goth Trent, Phillip the Nerd, and the lovable CBC Executive, Boss Boss. Guests appearing on the show include Canadian Idol hosts Ben Mulroney and Jon Dore, Rick Mercer, the cast of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Ashlee Simpson, Simple Plan, OK GO, Alexz Johnson, Ed the Sock, and Tyler Kyte among others.

The Morgan Waters Show has been critically acclaimed by TV Guide, and won a Gemini for "Best Children's or Youth Non-Fiction Program or Series".


  • Age Wars:
Morgan is fired because he is too young.
  • Bear Assets:
Morgan meets a bear by the dumpster outside his house. They become friends, but all good things must come to pass.
  • Big Brother:
Morgan decides he has so much love to give, so he decides to become a big brother. However, Morgan becomes discouraged when his little brother seems to be more interested in his juice-pouring business.
  • Boys In Blue Humour:
Boss Boss informs Morgan that he must become a police officer for an undisclosed amount of time. Morgan and his partner have to track a dangerous criminal.
  • Bully Bully:
A bully at Morgan’s work is causing him distress.
  • Camping:
Morgan and his friends decide to go camping in a nearby park. Something supernatural causes unrest among the campers.
  • Evil Twin:
Morgan wins the lottery. Shortly after, his lost twin brother shows up at his door, but things are not all what they seem.
  • Focus Morgan, Focus:
When one woman in a focus group for The Morgan Waters Show expresses dislike for the show, Morgan decides he must do whatever it takes to make her like it.
  • Golf Blows:
Morgan goes golfing, and doesn’t like it.
  • Hotdog Day Afternoon:
Boss Boss informs Morgan that The Morgan Waters Show as he knows it is cancelled. However, he offers Morgan his own cooking show in which Morgan makes the only thing he knows how to cook: hot dogs.
  • I Quit:
Morgan decides his salary is not high enough, so he quits The Morgan Waters Show to go solo. Boss Boss has trouble finding a replacement.
  • Landlord:
Morgan can’t afford to pay his rent, so he tries to come up with money for his Landlord.
  • Lonely:
Morgan is a lonely guy, so he tries to make some new friends.
  • Mommy Dearest:
Morgan’s mom visits him from Victoria. He brings her to his work where she tries to change The Morgan Waters Show to be more to her liking.
  • Morgan Buffs Up:
Morgan tries to impress Anjulie, a pretty girl at his work, by putting on some muscle. Unfortunately for him, his trainer at the gym is his stalker.
  • Morgan Taps:
Morgan tries to impress Anjulie by learning how to tap dance.
  • Morgans Of The World Unite:
Morgan looks up all the other Morgan Waters in the world and tries to make a show about all of them.
  • The New Assistant:
Morgan hires an assistant to help him out with the incredible workload that is his show.
  • New Home:
Morgan loses his apartment, so he ends up living at the CBC. Boss Boss notices and has an idea.
  • One Man And A Baby:
Morgan becomes inexplicably pregnant and has to deal with being a single dad.
  • Psychic:
Morgan believes he is a psychic and tries to make his own mind-reading business.
  • Puke On The Yoyo Man:
Canada’s Laughiest Home Videos, some crazy yo-yo tricks, and more.
  • Ronnie Thyme:
Morgan saves the legendary comedian Ronnie Thyme in a 'freak accident'.
  • Quarantined:
Morgan is diagnosed with a very contagious and dangerous disease.
  • The Stalker:
Morgan meets a stalker at the Laundromat.
  • Unrequited Love:
Morgan can’t seem to catch a break with his crush, Anjulie.
  • Wedding Show:
Morgan’s band is hired to play for Boss Boss’ daughter’s wedding.
  • The Real Morgan Waters Show:
An autobiography of Morgan Waters’ life.

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