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Columbia University's The Morningside Post (TMP) is a student-run newspaper. Its current Editors-in-chiefs are Samir Bhatnagar and Sarah Darwiche.

The Morningside Post is editorially independent and has been the launching pad for many well-known journalistic and business careers. Published by students at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), its articles have appeared in The Guardian, Huffington Post, Radio Free Europe, Voice of America and Global Voices Online. The site also received attention in February 2011 when a satirical story it ran (about a supposed mugging of a Columbia student who successfully begged the muggers to give her back her statistics homework) was reprinted as a legitimate news story in the Gawker newsblog.[1][2]

The Morningside Post has no party political line or stated political sympathy. A broad range of views are expressed, and the centre of gravity tends to change frequently, owing to the annual turnover of the editorial staff. Among the areas that TMP focuses on are Politics, Economics, Development, Security, Society and the Environment.


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