The Most (Swedish band)

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The Most
Origin Umeå, Sweden
Genres Beat Music, Mod
Years active 2000–present
Labels The Most Recordings, CopaseDisques, Ny Våg Records
Associated acts Komeda, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Andy Bell, Infra
Website Official website
Members Frans Perris, Magnus Kollberg, Mats Westin, Inge Johansson, Martin Claesson, Marcus Holmberg

The Most is a Beat band from Umeå, Sweden. Original members are Frans Perris (guitars and vocals), Magnus Kollberg (guitars and vocals), Mats Westin (drums), Inge Johansson (bass) and Marcus Holmberg (bass and organ). Vinyl EPs being released on the label Ny Våg Records[1] and their own label TMR (The Most Recordings). Drawing inspiration from old Blues, Jazz, Bluegrass, 50-60s Soul, 50-60s R&B but also from bands like The Zombies, The Kinks, and The Who, their music has been described as 1960s retro pop.[2]


The Most was formed by Frans Perris (brother of singer Poul Perris from the band The Facer) and Magnus Kollberg in early 2000 after different working projects, one being named Loving Nature featuring Michael Ludvigsson on drums. The Most final line up was established with the addition of bass player Marcus Holmberg from the band Komeda. In 2007, Marcus Holmberg was replaced by Inge Johansson (formerly with the band The (International) Noise Conspiracy). The Most were spurred on to write Beat music by British Invasion creator Shel Talmy, who liked the song Bad Girl, and Chris Dreja from the Yardbirds.

In 2009, The Most opened for The Sonics[3][4][5] at the venue Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden.

Andy Bell (Ride, Hurricane No. 1, Oasis, Beady Eye) has worked with The Most on various recordings and contributed guitars and vocals on the song Now I Feel from the EP Moderation in Moderation (a title suggested by Andy Bell). A video for Now I Feel[6] was made by Mattias Pettersson.

The band's third EP Resistance is Useless was released in 2010. Again Andy Bell contributed with guitar on one song, Easy When You're Down. In early 2011 a video for Little Girl[7] was released.

Two new videos was released by The Most in early 2012. Firstly, The Action[8][9] from the Face the Future EP. A few months later the band released Bad Girl[10][11] from the Moderation in Moderation EP.

The Most first full-length album Auto-Destructive Art[12] was released on May 17, 2013. A pre-release took place in Liverpool, UK with three live gigs at the famous Cavern Club. The first video from the album was for a song titled Spiderman.[13] The second video from the album became the track So Wrong.[14] It was released in August that same year.

Bassplayer Martin Claesson joined The Most for a tour in Spain late in 2013 where the group performed at the Purple Weekend Festival in León. He is still with the band.

The song She's Nuts[15] is released as a video on YouTube in March 2014.

At Christmas 2014 the band released the Tages (band) song Fuzzy Patterns[16] in a psychedelic video on YouTube.

The end of 2014 also saw the light of new single Picking Up Speed. Featuring two new original songs and cover art by Ian Barrett.


  • Garageland Records 20th Anniversary CD - Back in the Garage, GRCD 030, 2004
  • Face the Future - 4 track 7" vinyl EP, Ny Våg 012, 2008
  • Moderation in Moderation - 4 track 7" vinyl EP, Ny Våg 017/TMR 0002, 2008
  • Ny Våg compilation - Umeå Vråljazz Giganter CD, Ny Våg I20, 2009
  • Resistance is Useless - 4 track 7" vinyl EP, TMR 0003, 2010
  • Auto-Destructive Art - Full-length album CD, TMR 004, CopaseDisques Cat no CD013, 2013
  • Picking Up Speed - 2 track 7" vinyl single, TMR 005, 2014


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