The Most Known Unknown

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The Most Known Unknown
Video by The Acacia Strain
Released February 16, 2010
Recorded Worcester, Massachusetts
Genre Metalcore
Label Prosthetic
The Acacia Strain chronology
The Most Known Unknown

The Most Known Unknown is a DVD recorded by The Acacia Strain on December 28, 2008 in Worcester, Massachusetts at The Palladium. The band shared the stage with The Red Chord, Whitechapel, Shipwreck AD, Cruel Hand, and Thy Will Be Done.

Disc 1 - Live At The Palladium[edit]

  1. "Whoa! Shut It Down!"
  2. "See You Next Tuesday"
  3. "3750"
  4. "4x4"
  5. "Skynet"
  6. "Brown Noise"
  7. "As If Set Afire"
  8. "Dr. Doom"
  9. "Baby Buster"
  10. "Cthulhu"
  11. "Burnface"
  12. "The Combine"
  13. "Angry Mob Justice"
  14. "The Behemoth (Intermission)"
  15. "Demolishor"
  16. "Balboa Towers"
  17. "Passing The Pencil Test"
  18. "Forget-Me-Now"
  19. "Sun Poison And Skin Cancer"
  20. "JFC"
  21. "Carbomb"

Disc 2 - Live At The Waterfront + Extras[edit]

  1. "Whoa! Shut It Down!"
  2. "See You Next Tuesday"
  3. "3750"
  4. "4x4"
  5. "Brown Noise"
  6. "Angry Mob Justice"
  7. "As If Set Afire"
  8. "Dr. Doom"
  9. "Burnface"
  10. "Sun Poison And Skin Cancer"
  11. "Carbomb"

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