The Mountain Witch

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The Mountain Witch
Designer(s) Timothy Kleinert
Publisher(s) timfire publishing
Publication date 2005
Genre(s) Indie
System(s) custom

The Mountain Witch is a role-playing game by Timothy Kleinert, independently published by Timfire Publishing. The player characters are samurai ronin that have banded together to destroy the Mountain Witch at the top of Mount Fuji. Each character has its own "dark fate", randomly drawn and known only by the player of the character. Most fates pit the ronin against the group, and make betrayal likely.

Players can give "trust points" to another player's character, signifying the amount of trust between them. These points can be used to help the trusting ronin, or against him in case of a betrayal.

The Mountain Witch was originally an entry in the Iron Game Chef competition. It is currently out of print, but in October 2012 the author stated that he is working on a revised edition.[1]

External links[edit]

  • Archived Q&A with author Timothy Kleinert, along with some archived files.


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