The Mr. Potato Head Show

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The Mr. Potato Head Show
Genre Live action/puppet series
Created by Dan Clark
Doug Langdale
Starring Brian Jacobs
Lisa Kaplan
Doug Langdale
Greg Ballora
Julianne Buescher
Kevin Carlson
James Murray
Debra Wilson
Mark Bryan Wilson
Theme music composer Mark Mothersbaugh
Opening theme "The Mr. Potato Head Show" theme
Ending theme "The Mr. Potato Head Show" theme (instrumental)
Composer(s) Mark Mothersbaugh
Ernie Mannix
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Andy Copley
Running time 30 min.
Production company(s) Hasbro
Film Roman
20th Century Fox Television
Original network Fox Kids
Picture format 1.33:1
Audio format Dolby
Original release September 12, 1998 (1998-09-12) – February 16, 1999 (1999-02-16)

The Mr. Potato Head Show is a children's television show loosely based on the Mr. Potato Head toyline. It aired on Fox as part of the Fox Kids block for only one season from September 12, 1998 to February 16, 1999.


The Mr. Potato Head Show was developed by Dan Clark and Doug Langdale. The puppets for the characters were created by The Chiodo Brothers. Mark Bryan Wilson served as the show's puppet master and William Traetta served as the show's assistant puppet master.

The series was considered lost for many years until Lost Media Wiki members Paroos and Luray found them online. All the episodes, as of December 18th, 2016, have been recovered.[1]


Mr. Potato Head puts on a show with the help of his Kitchen Crew and presents each show to the TV Guys so that they can air them on television. Mr. Potato Head and his Kitchen Crew also have some misadventures during the productions of each show.


Kitchen Crew[edit]

  • Mr. Potato Head (performed by Kevin Carlson) – The main character of the series. He is the leader of the Kitchen Crew where they make different shows in his TV studio for the TV guys.
  • Baloney (performed by Greg Ballora) – An anthropomorphic stack of baloney who is Mr. Potato Head's assistant.
  • Queenie Sweet Potato (performed by Debra Wilson) – An anthropomorphic sweet potato that is the Kitchen Crew's diva.
  • Potato Bug (performed by Julianne Buescher) – A female potato bug.
  • Canny (performed by James Murray) – A dog that is made out of dog food cans. In "Not With a Bang" Pt. 1, it was revealed that Canny used to work as a University Physics Professor.
  • Johnny Rotten Apple (performed by James Murray in a British accent) – An anthropomorphic rotten apple who is the Kitchen Crew's resident musician with a rock star personality. In his personal spots on the TV series, he would sing about a random character or other things. Johnny Rotten Apple's name is a spoof of the stage name of John Lydon. In "Aliens Dig Baloney," it is revealed that Johnny Rotten Apple is allergic to yogurt.
  • Dr. Fruitcake (performed by James Murray in a Transylvanian accent) – An anthropomorphic fruitcake who is the Kitchen Crew's resident mad scientist. He was the creator of Ham Monster and has come up with different inventions to help Mr. Potato Head in his shows.
  • Ham Monster (performed by Mark Bryan Wilson) – A makeshift monster with a ham body, crab claws for arms, and chicken drumsticks on its sides that was created by Dr. Fruitcake. When Ham Monster first appeared in "Aliens Dig Baloney," Dr. Fruitcake created him for Mr. Potato Head's monster show only to go berserk in the studio. Using the secret of making ham explode that he learned from the aliens, Baloney was able to destroy Ham Monster by making him explode. In "Royal Pain," Ham Monster was rebuilt where he now has the brain of a 2-year-old child making him more obedient to Dr. Fruitcake. When Baloney started to ask where Dr. Fruitcake got the brain of a 2-year-old child, Dr. Fruitcake cuts his question off by stating "Trust me Baloney, you don't want to know."
  • Mr. Giblets (performed by James Murray) – An anthropomorphic pile of giblets.
  • Mr. Happy Whip (performed by Brian Jacobs) – An anthropomorphic whipped cream spray that would emit whipped cream when scared.
  • Miss Licorice Lips (voiced by Debra Wilson) – A talking pair of computer-animated lips made of black licorice that serves as the announcer and narrator for Mr. Potato Head's shows.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Betty the Kitchen Fairy (voiced by Julianne Buescher) – An animated fairy that uses a ladle as her wand. She would pop in to give the Kitchen Crew advice on how to get through their plights even when their in a dangerous unrelated situation.
  • TV Guys (portrayed by Brian Jacobs and Lisa Kaplan) – Aron and Nora work as executives at a television company that would air Mr. Potato Head's shows. They would tell Mr. Potato Head about his recent show submissions and tell him what they want him to do on his show.
  • Writer (portrayed by Doug Langdale) – An unnamed human who serves as the writer for Mr. Potato Head's shows. The Writer does his writing for the shows in his closet.

Other characters[edit]

  • Aliens – An unknown alien race that has appeared on the show occasionally. In "Aliens Dig Baloney," the aliens arrive on Earth to find a new leader for their galactic empire where they end up meeting Baloney and teaching him the secret on how to make ham explode. They eventually get the ghost of Mr. Potato Head's plant as their leader. In "Not With a Bang" Pt. 1, a representative of the aliens poses as the TV Guys' boss in order to get Mr. Potato Head's show cancelled and place Donkey Waddlefoot's show in its spot. This was part of a plan by Emperor Ghost Plant to invade Earth. In "Not With a Bang" Pt. 2, the aliens begin their invasion of Earth where they engage the Kitchen Crew. With help from Betty the Kitchen Fairy, the aliens were repelled upon being chased off by Blostrogath the Destroyer. Mr. Potato Head then confronts the alien representative at the TV Guys' station, who admits defeat, stating that invading Earth was not a good idea, and takes his leave from Earth.
  • Blostrogath the Destroyer (voiced by James Murray) – An animated monster who was imprisoned in a bag of 65,000,000-year-old popcorn. Queenie accidentally freed him when his bag was put in the microwave where he begins his plan to destroy the Earth and everything on it. After being told to be herself by Betty the Kitchen Fairy, Queenie evades Blostrogath's attacks as Mr. Potato Head as Spudman summons some potatoes to help defeat Blostrogath upon being tricked into the microwave. In "Not With a Bang" Pt. 2, Betty the Kitchen Fairy summoned Blostrogath to chase away the invading alien armada.
  • Donkey Waddlefoot - An unseen character who is described to be Mr. Potato Head's rival in TV entertainment.


  1. Aliens Dig Baloney (October 3, 1998) – Baloney tries to cover up the death of Mr. Potato Head's favorite plant as a pair of aliens arrive on Earth seeking a new ruler for their interstellar empire. Meanwhile, Dr. Fruitcake creates the Ham Monster for Mr. Potato Head's monster show which proves to be too dangerous for him to control.
  2. Royal Pain (October 10, 1998) – Queenie finds out that she is descended from an Egyptian Pharaoh named King Yaminhotep upon going onto an ancestral website called "Ancestors "R" Us." As Mr. Potato Head tries to make a show for two-year-olds, he uses a rebuilt Ham Monster as his test audience.
  3. The Thing in the Microwave (September 12, 1998) – Queenie goes on a diet, but her cravings result in her unleashing an ancient evil from a bag of popcorn. Meanwhile, Mr. Potato Head makes a superhero show where he plays Spudman.
  4. Secret Agent Mania (September 19, 1998) – Upon finding out that Donkey Waddlefoot's show stole his submarine show, Mr. Potato Head informs the TV Guys about it as he is told to do a spy show. Mr. Potato Head does this as well as trying to find out how Donkey Waddlefoot found the footage to make his own episodes.
  5. Cheap Shots (September 26, 1998) – When the TV guys give Mr. Potato Head a cookie jar full of money for his efforts, he goes money-crazy. Just how low will he go in slashing his show's budget?
  6. Potato Verite (November 7, 1998) – Mr. Potato Head walks in on Queenie supposedly making a deal with his nemesis Donkey Waddlefoot. Thinking that she's going to leave, he puts on a variety show to appease her so she can do a lot of singing. Meanwhile, Queenie thinks Mr. Potato Head wants to marry her!
  7. Forsake Me Not (December 19, 1998) – The TV guys have Mr. Potato Head do a reality show where he follows everyone around with a camera. But when his show turns out to be as boring as two dead frogs in a bucket, he pits his friends against each other to liven it up!
  8. Equal Writes (December 5, 1998) – The TV guys have Mr. Potato Head fire his writer resulting in them sending Bullyboy to supervise his show. Can the Kitchen crew overcome the threat of Bullyboy or will they wind up being crushed into sticky paste?
  9. Robotato (February 9, 1999) – Mr. Potato Head goes on vacation, so he has Dr. Fruitcake create a robotic duplicate of him to take over the show while he's gone. When Mr. Potato head returns, he finds that Robotato is actually liked by the Kitchen Crew and gets depressed about the situation.
  10. Pillow (February 16, 1999) – Queenie gets depressed, so she resorts to using Baloney's "happy pillow" to make her feel better, but everyone also wants the pillow so that they can be happy! Meanwhile, a flower lady supposedly casts a "curse" on Mr. Potato Head where the antics causes delays to Mr. Potato Head's Roman Empire show.
  11. Smart Attack (October 31, 1998) – When Potato Bug accidentally kills Mr. Potato Head's prized plant, she seeks help from Dr. Fruitcake to make her smarter. But is her advanced intelligence really for the better? The Aliens seem to think so!
  12. Not With a Bang Pt. 1 (November 14, 1998) – The TV Guys' boss orders the cancellation of Mr. Potato Head's show and putting Donkey Waddlefoot's show in his time slot causing Mr. Potato Head and his Kitchen Crew to go their separate ways.
  13. Not With a Bang Pt. 2 (November 21, 1998) – The alien invasion is in full swing as the Kitchen Crew unites to combat the aliens and get their show back on the air.



Assistant puppeteers[edit]


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