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The Much Honoured (abbreviated as The Much Hon.) is an honorific prefix that is given to Scottish feudal barons and lairds.[1]


  • Scottish feudal barons (e.g., The Much Honoured Alan T Robertson, Baron of Cushnie-Lumsden, or The Much Honoured The Baron of Cushnie-Lumsden); this also includes the more rare Scottish feudal earls.[2]
  • Lairds (e.g. The Much Honoured George Bogle of Daldowie, or The Much Honoured the Laird of Daldowie, or The Much Honoured George Bogle, Laird of Daldowie). Although the usage of the honorific dates back centuries, some Scottish lairds are still accorded it: e.g. the 2007 obituary of The Much Honoured the Laird of Bladnoch and Lochanbards.[3]

The aforementioned honorific style of address should not be confused with those attaching to British Peers of the Realm:

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