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The Muldoons is a family rock band from Detroit, Michigan. Shane Muldoon (11) and his elder brother Hunter Muldoon (15) both write, sing and play guitar. Their father, Brian Muldoon (49), plays the drums.

The band's first gig was opening for The White Stripes in front of thousands of people at the Masonic Temple in Detroit on October 2, 2005. Brian is best known for his past work in the band The Upholsterers with Jack White of The White Stripes. Brian also currently plays in the Detroit garage band Tin Knocker with Jack White's elder brother Eddie Gillis. Brian also owns an upholstery shop, which he operates out of his home.

Hunter started drum lessons with his father at age five. He began learning the guitar at age 10. Aside from playing in The Muldoons he also skateboards and plays in other Detroit area bands. Hunter writes a majority of the guitar parts for The Muldoons. He is in a band called The Uproars with Shane and Brandon Mallon.

Shane, the youngest member of The Muldoons, began drum lessons at age six and was learning the guitar at eight years old. Aside from his band duties, Shane enjoys skateboarding with his elder brother and plays on a soccer team. Shane writes a majority of lyrics for The Muldoons.

The band's debut, self-titled, album was co-released through Jack White's record label Third Man Records and Cass Records on June 9, 2007. It is limited to vinyl only. The record release show was held on June 9, 2007 at the Lager House in Detroit where a limited red vinyl version of the album could be purchased.

The album was mixed and recorded at Brendan Benson’s Le Grand Studio in Detroit, shortly before Benson relocated to Nashville to play in the band The Raconteurs. The artwork on the album sleeve was designed by Brian Muldoon's brother, Dan Muldoon. Patricia Muldoon (mother) took the photos on the sleeve. From start to finish, the band spent approximately one year working on the album.

The Muldoons put out their first two 7-inch vinyl records as well as a full-length LP on Cass Records. Their first EP released in October 2005 and "It's near the 25th..." was a special record only given out to friends and family with 10 copies sold on the Cass Records website in December 2005. They self-released another Christmas 7-inch vinyl record called "Luchador Santa" in December 2006.

They have also released a double 7-inch EP on the Little Room Record Company featuring the tracks: You're On The Menu, Grass Is Always Greener, Invincible, They Ate My Cat, Are You Electric and Fire. Additionally those who bought the EP were sent an MP3 of their studio take of the Upholsters track Pain (Gimmie Sympathy).


The Muldoons musical influences include The Stooges, MC5, Nirvana, The Ramones, The Swamp Rats, Black Sabbath, Beck, The Go, The Hives, The White Stripes, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and an assortment of other 1960s garage and classic rock bands. It should be noted that this is not the original band called The Muldoons that started before these kids were born and are also from Michigan. (OYO)


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