The Muppet Alphabet Album

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The Muppet Alphabet Album
Studio album
Released 1971
Genre Children's
Label Columbia

The Muppet Alphabet Album is a 1971 Gatefold LP, based on the children's television series Sesame Street. It was reissued in 1975, by Golden Music in the 1980s, and by Sony Wonder in 1996. Sony Wonder's reissue included a bonus song. The album features one song for each letter in the alphabet, performed by a variety of Sesame Street characters. Each of the songs uses a different musical style.

Side A[edit]

  1. The Sound of the Letter A, with Big Bird
  2. Oscar's B Sandwich, with Oscar the Grouch and Farley
  3. C is for Cookie, with Cookie Monster
  4. Dee, Dee, Dee, with Ernie
  5. E What's My Letter, with Guy Smiley and Prairie Dawn
  6. Four Furry Friends, with Grover, Herry Monster, Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster
  7. Two G Sounds, with Grover and George
  8. Ha Ha, with Harvey Kneeslapper, Herry Monster and Big Bird
  9. I Stand Up Straight and Tall, with Grover
  10. J Friends, with the Anything Muppets
  11. K Herbet's Silly Poem, with Herbert Birdsfoot
  12. La La La, with Ernie and Bert
  13. M-M-M Monster Meal, with Herry Monster and Cookie Monster
  14. The Noodle Story, with Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch

Side B[edit]

  1. Would You Like to Buy an O?, with Lefty the Salesman and Ernie
  2. P My Favorite Letter, with the Anything Muppets
  3. The Question Song, with Grover and a Little Girl
  4. The R Machine, with Ernie and Bert
  5. Sammy the Snake, with Sammy
  6. The Tale of Tom Tattertall Tuttletut, with Herbert Birdsfoot and the Anything Muppets
  7. U Lecture, with Professor Hastings and Ernie
  8. Very, Very Special Letter, with Big Bird
  9. The National Association of W Lovers, with Bert
  10. X Marks the Spot, with Sherlock Hemlock
  11. Y Just Because, with Grover and a Little Girl
  12. Zizzy Zoomers, with the Zizzy Zoomers

Muppet Performers[edit]

  • Caroll Spinney - Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch
  • Jim Henson - Ernie, Guy Smiley, J Friend #2, Zizzy Zoomer #1, Tom Tattertall Tuttletutt, and Anything Muppet #2
  • Frank Oz - Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, Lefty the Salesman, Harvey Kneeslapper, Professor Hastings, J Friend #4, Zizzy Zoomer #3, and Anything Muppet #3
  • Jerry Nelson - Herry Monster, Herbert Birdsfoot, Sherlock Hemlock, Farley, George, J Friend #1, Zizzy Zoomer #2, Sammy the Snake, Ambercrombie the Ant, "What's My Letter?" Announcer, and Anything Muppet #1
  • Fran Brill - Prairie Dawn, Little Girl, Singer, and J Friend #3
  • Jerry Juhl - Queen (uncredited)
  • Joe Raposo - Additional Voices (uncredited)
  • Jeff Moss - Additional Voices (uncredited)