The Muppets Movie Adventures

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The Muppets Movie Adventures
The Muppets Movie Adventures Cover Art.jpg
Cover art for the Spanish version.
Developer(s)Virtual Toys
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Composer(s)Victor David Peral
Platform(s)PlayStation Vita
  • EU: November 5, 2014
  • AU: November 5, 2014
  • NA: September 1, 2015
Mode(s)Single player

The Muppets Movie Adventures is a 2014 platform game developed by Virtual Toys and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, exclusively for the PlayStation Vita handheld system. The title is based on the films The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted. The game centres around the production of a movie, with characters of from The Muppets era serving as the characters in the respective film. The Muppets Movie Adventures was released in Europe on November 5, 2014, with physical copies arriving a short time later. The North American version arrived a year later. Upon launch, the title received mixed to negative reviews.

The game is narrated by Cheryl Henson, daughter of The Muppets era creator Jim Henson and the current president of the Jim Henson Foundation.


Gameplay from The Good, the Bad and the Animal stage

The Muppets Movie Adventures is a 2D side-scrolling platform game in which players traverse landscapes based on famous films, jumping across obstacles and exploring the terrain. Enemies appear in each chapter, who have the ability to swing or throw projectiles at the player (these vary depending on the stage). If hit, the player loses half of a heart; with three hearts being available, the gamer may receive a maximum of five hits before restarting from a nearby checkpoint. Hearts are scattered throughout the level. When collected, the life bar is restored to maximum capacity. Controlled characters also house weapons however, which allows the player to attack and defeat enemies. Mini-games in the style of dots and boxes are also scattered throughout levels. These puzzles must be solved in order for the player to progress through the stage.

Each stage features a different player character and is centered around a particular movie genre (for example, level three is a western film), and features a unique story not related to other levels. At the end of each stage is a boss battle. Scattered throughout each level are collectibles as well.


The game was announced on August 8, 2014 on Play France, a French website dedicated to PlayStation video game systems.[1] A series of screenshots accompanied the announcement, depicting scenes from the first three stages.[2] The game was released on the PlayStation Store in Australia and Europe a few months later on November 5, 2014. Physical copies would follow later on November 7 in Europe. The game was released in Spain on November 11.[3] Australia's physicals came on November 14. The game would not be released in North America for nearly a year until it launched as a download-only title on September 1, 2015. Virtual Toys and Sony would later collaborate on two more licensed PlayStation Vita exclusive titles aimed at children: Looney Tunes: Galactic Sports and Phineas and Ferb: Day of Doofenshmirtz. Based on the Looney Tunes and Phineas and Ferb franchises, the games were released in 2015.


Aggregate score

The Muppets Movie Adventures received mixed to negative reviews upon release. The title currently holds a score of 48 on review aggregator Metacritic, based on 12 reviews.[4]

The Vita Lounge's Brad Gruetzmacher, reviewing for both the website and magazine held mixed feelings towards the game. Gruetzmacher praised the animated cutscenes and introductions given by the director at the start of each stage, appreciating their humor directed at all ages. He felt mixed feelings towards the controls, applauding the simplicity of the two-button system (one for jumping, another for attacking) whilst taking issue with the touch screen controls, saying they were "shoe-horned" in. Gruetzmacher also criticized the game for a lack of replay value, short length and easy difficulty. He ultimately awarded the title 2.8/5 stars, giving high marks to the execution but scored the lasting appeal low.[5]


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